Friday, June 05, 2015

The New Batman Adventures - Episodes 21-24 Reviews

It's sort of the final blog for this series but there will be one more after. However, it is the final batch of episodes to delve into.

Episode 21: Chemistry

You wait ages for an episode with Poison Ivy (amid a few cameo appearances and a team up story) and then you get one and it's not quite as great as you'd hope for. I mean, sure it's consistent with the sort of thing Ivy would do (using plant like creatures to marry/eventually kill rich corrupt types) but aside from a not really well explored relationship of sorts with Bruce and plant duplicate Susan, I don't really feel this episode was able to sell Bruce nearly giving up the cape so well and Ivy has been better used in past episodes. Not a great one I'm afraid. 7/10

Episode 22: Judgement Day

Now this was a surprising episode. In fact, I'd say it was the most surprising the show has ever done really (and that includes The Animated Series). The idea of Two Face coming up with another personality (well, Harvey Dent more so) and then actively seeking terror on various villains (Penguin, Croc, Riddler, even himself) was a pretty fantastic twist along with his eventual alliance with corrupt Corcoran nearly resulting in the latter's death but eventual public downfall. It's a genius episode, full of brilliant pathos and one that almost could've survived without Batman. 9/10

Episode 23: Beware The Creeper

And then there's this bonkers edition. It's interesting that the last two episodes are so focused on both the Joker and Harley. When we're not seeing the damaging side of their relationship, we're getting a history lesson as to how the Joker became the man he did (but no reveal on his real name) before he inflicted a similar fate to reporter Jack Ryder. This resulted in Jack becoming the Creeper - a hilariously OTT creation who spent most of the episode trying it on with Harley and trying to kill the Joker. I did like that there was a cure of sorts for his condition and that they didn't go down the obvious villain route with the character too. 8/10

Episode 24: Mad Love

With the previous episode focusing on the Joker's transformation, this one was more focused on Harley and how she went from a promising therapist at Arkham to the Joker's henchwoman and lover. It's a brilliant enough backstory with present day Harley trying to prove her love for the Clown Prince by almost killing Batman, only to realise that her Puddin' had been manipulating her all along. To be fair. I love the Joker/Harley relationship and I accept it for what it is - a purely toxic relationship and one that Harley even by the end of this episode just couldn't quite break herself out of. Still a superb piece of television though. 9/10

Next and final blog will cover the movies Mystery Of The Batwoman and Return Of The Joker as well as the mini scene, Chase Me.

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