Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sense8 - Art Is Like Religion/Demons

Now we're at the halfway point of this gripping Netflix series and things have certainly began to heat up immensely (including one very memorable scene as well) with our Sensates.

Nomi Marks: She's out of the hospital and when she wasn't interacting with Will for a second time (when he also wasn't rallying to her defence against her mother), Nomi got involved in the most talked about scene from the entire series so far. Well, Nomi and five other characters but more on that later. Other than that, we also had Nomi and Amanita hide out in the latter's mother's place where an interesting discussion as to whether or not Nomi can actually control her other selves as well. It's an interesting discussion and it's nice that Nomi now has someone along with Amanita who believes her as well.

Lito Rodriguez: Also involved in that infamous scene, the last two episodes have been some of my favourites for Lito. Not only do we continue to get a better understanding of him and Hernando together but the bearding storyline with Daniela is still working beautifully. However the highlights of these two episode were his interactions with Sun at the strangest of times as well as briefly meeting Will during the filming of an action scene from his movie too. And that other scene of course.

Will Gorski: Okay, no more crypticness - that scene. That unbelievably hot as hell orgy sequence involving Will, Lito, Nomi, Wolfgang and to a slight lesser extent, Amanita and Hernando as well. That scene had the potential to come across as sleazy and exploitative but instead it was carefully filmed and genuinely oozed of sensuality as well as sexiness as well. If there's a vote for best sex scene on telly, then this one is the clear winner. Not even a competition. As for the rest of the Will - I liked his interactions with Nomi, Lito and Riley in these episodes. Similarly with Kala and Wolfgang, you can tell that a romance is being shaped up with Will and Riley.

Riley Blue: Still not my favourite character (she isn't doing anything wrong, just the others are more compelling), I do however have to admit that these last two episodes have been good for her. Sure there was a few brooding scenes but there was also scenes where Riley nearly got killed by that creepy guy from the opening episode and her scenes with both Capheus and Sun were both exceptional stuff. The romance of sorts with Will seems a little predictable but the connection (given the premise of this show) at least works.

Kala Dandekar: Well, these two episodes were interesting for Kala. We had her hen party of sort and the wedding almost took place until the sight of a completely naked Wolfgang had her fainting and causing the whole ceremony to be put on hold. I do like that Kala has a supportive family and that her husband to be isn't being portrayed as an ogre either. As for her scenes with Wolfgang, I'm definitely enjoying them more than I thought I would. There's definitely a good connection with those two.

Wolfgang Bogdanov: Orgy scene aside (and yes, that scene is still stuck in my head), the last two episodes have gone to great lengths to make sure that Wolfgang remained nude as much as possible. And mainly for this nudity to be witnessed by Kala as well. Much as I enjoy his scenes with Felix and the whole heist subplot with his uncle, I think the scenes where he's interacted with Kala have certainly made him more likeable as a character, though I do want to see more interactions with the other Sensates too. Orgy scene aside of course.

Sun Bak: Oh dear, these two episodes were just not Sun's week. On the plus side, her scenes with Lito, Capheus and Riley were genuinely delightful to watch. In particular, both her and Capheus bonded over responsibilities for their families, her and Lito vented their rages and frustrations and her and Riley connected over suffering for other people's crimes. Having Sun take the rap for her feckless brother was horrible but I do like that she got to meet Angel at the end of the episode though.

Capheus: Well, he got some great scenes with both Sun and Riley where he offered some good advice and revelled in the amazement of being in London and Seoul. The subplot with him working for a crime boss isn't the most exciting but it has put him in a very compromising situation in order to help his mother get better. I did like his scene with the child of his new boss though. Some good writing in that scene to help explain Capheus's love of all things Van Damn too.

Next week, I'll recap/talk about the episodes W. W. N. Double D? and We Will All Be Judged By The Courage Of Our Hearts.


ihRtmr said...

Ok, finally - you got to the good stuff. he, he, he....

So orgy....How the heck did Nomi and Lito's significant others end up in the orgy? One would think that only the sense 8's could connect that way. I didn't really see Amanita 'interact' with anyone but Nomi, but I could have sworn that Lito's lovely bf was making the rounds....

Love Lito, I know you have some reservations but I grew to like him so well that I sat through 2 seasons of some spanish soap on netflix that I had to read subtitles to get anything out of. LOL!

As for the rest, Riley has an immensely compelling story, probably the most of all of the sense 8's. But that's to come...

Nice recap, as always.

shawnlunn2002 said...

I assumed that Hernando and Amanita didn't. That it was Nomi experiencing having sex with Hernando and Lito the same with Amanita.

No, I do like Lito, actually quite a lot. Don't always agree with him and loving him/Hernando and Nomi/Amanita as couple.

The orgy scene was just beautiful. It could've been a disaster area but it was shot so tastefully though.

Caught up with Riley's story - my heart broke for her. She's really gotten more and more interesting as the episodes have progressed.

BTW, I'm on Twitter - shawnlunn2002 if you wanna discuss more about the show (and other TV).