Thursday, June 18, 2015

Sense8 - Smart Money Is On The Skinny Bitch/What's Going On?

As you can tell, I'm sticking with the format of watching two episodes a week (though I am aware of spoilers for all the season) and recapping/reviewing each of those two episodes in one blog. Here are thoughts on episodes three and four then.

Nomi Marks: I swear these two episodes were almost dedicated in how to make poor Nomi suffer as much as possible. Largely seperated from Amanita, Nomi was trapped in the hospital, forced by her awful mother and the sinister Dr Metzger to have an operation against her will. Speaking of Will, his lock picking skills came in the nick of time for Nomi to free herself and then for Amanita to get them the hell out of there via taxi cab. Although she had less screentime in these two episodes compared to the first, Nomi's storyline was still riveting and sad to watch.

Lito Rodriguez: These episodes were great for the character. We got see his insight as an actor with his filming his action movie. More to the point, I really like the relationship with him and Hernando and even the bearded thing he's got going on with Daniela is actually a lot better done than I thought it would. I'm still expecting something to go wrong at some point with the arrangement (namely Daniela's possessive estranged boyfriend) but for the time being, it's a storyline that's working better than expected.

Will Gorski: Right now while we're still getting moments where each of the sensates are somewhat interacting with each other, harnessing each other's skills and the like, it's only Will that seems to be slightly aware of the bigger picture. When he was inadvertently rescuing Nomi and tapping into Sun's skills, he also caught up with Jonas again who gave him more of a heads up of the wider picture. Will is definitely being portrayed as the more archetypical hero of the eight to an extent.

Riley Blue: Out of all the characters, Riley had the least interesting stuff to do during the third and fourth episodes. In episode three, she caught up with an old friend and his tactless Aussie girlfriend and brooded and in episode four, she was mainly by herself, listening to a voice message from her father and then listening to music. Riley's meant to be a bit of a mysterious/enigmatic type, at least that's what I'm sensing the show is trying to do with her but I found her scenes the weakest during these particular episodes unfortunately.

Kala Dandekar: Like Riley, a lot of Kala's scenes weren't as interesting as the ones she had in the first two episodes but then she sang along with Wolfgang (episode four had a genius use of a certain Four Non Blondes song connecting all the sensates) and it was the first time she came alive as a character. Something which even her sister seemed to notice and something she hasn't shown since her arranged marriage as well. Speaking of Wolfgang ....

Wolfgang Bogdanow: I have to admit I like him a lot more in the fourth episode than I did in the first two. I just felt that this episode drew a bit more sympathy for him as we saw glimmers of his past (Kala aside, it seems all of the sensates have terrible family members) while also seeing his savvy when it came to dealing with a dealer for the diamonds he had stolen. I also got a kick out of his shoe shopping scene with Felix and the karaoke moment that connected all the sensates as well.

Sun Bak: A difference two episodes can make for a character. In my last blog, I admitted that Sun didn't particularly grab me as a character but with episodes three and four, she certainly did. Yes, we got some fairly predictable flashbacks with her sick mother dying and both her father and brother treat her pretty shoddily but the underground boxing storyline was a nice twist (especially when it also connected with Capheus and Will too) and I'm hoping she ends up not taking the fall for her brother's embezzling antics as well.

Capheus: Keeping with the great stuff, I also found that Capheus got a little more interesting in the last two episodes as well. Aside from the brief connection with Sun in the third episode and a wonderful conversation about being a Zebra (bonkers but inspired that scene), Capheus is definitely one of the show's more lighter and caring characters, in spite of the dangerous situations he seems to be getting himself into.

Next week, I'll recap/talk about the episodes Art Is Like Religion and Demons.

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