Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Recap/Review: Penny Dreadful's 2x08: Memento Mori

And here's a first for everyone. For one episode only, both Vanessa and Ethan are a no show but don't worry, they're mentioned enough times while this episode knocks it out of the ballpark and truly amazes in places.

Written by John Logan
Directed by Kari Skogland

Woman With A Plan: I think we've all been waiting for two seasons now for Billie Piper to give an outstanding performance as Brona/Lily and with this episode, it's exactly what we got and then some. Not only did the episode open with Lily discussing the Peter Pan with her victim from the previous episode but when Caliban tried to project his entitlement issues onto her, Lily turned the tables and ended up putting the guy in his place as she gave a rather intense commentary on the female role and her plans for Victor. Put it this way, Victor should probably be making plans to get out of London and fairly soon now.

Spell Undone: In another surprising moment of this episode (and thanks to Sembene), Evelyn's hold on Malcolm spectacularly broke this week, which not only resulted in Hecate openly challenging her but also led to both Evelyn and Malcolm having a rather interesting conversation about loved ones - in particular daughters. While Evelyn's comments about Malcolm and Vanessa's relationship were hardly new, they were well played out with the former being left in a rather unfortunate predicament as well.

Successor Vying: If Malcolm had a bad week with Evelyn, then poor Lyle had an even worse one with both Evelyn (that awful forced kiss) and then of course there was a little moment with Hecate as well. Every week that Lyle makes it out of an episode alive is a good one but a terrible omen that he will probably die horribly fairly soon. As for Hecate - I like that she's going up against her mother but her chances of actually besting Evelyn don't seem that high though.

Love Me For Who I Am: While Lily's bloodlust was an oddly pleasant (but dark) surprise, a part of me was almost disappointed to see Dorian's in this one. I get why he had to kill Angelique in this episode but it certainly stung as well though. On the plus side, at least we finally got to see that infamous painting and going by the previews for next week, it does look like Dorian will in over his head in relation to his growing fascination with Lily.

The Hunt Still Remains: Ethan might have been absent in this episode but Rusk's pursuit of him certainly didn't take a break this week. In one scene alone he was able to realise that Malcolm had a connection to Ethan when he wasn't working out that Malcolm had the circumstances of Mina's death covered up and that the door is made of steel. In some ways this feels like a distraction from the main plot with Evelyn and her Master but Rusk has certainly proved to be quite relentless though.

Next week, the gang band together, Lily sinks her claws into Dorian and Vanessa and Evelyn face off.

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