Thursday, September 10, 2015

My Review of Constantine's 1x08: "The Saint Of Last Resorts Part 1"

Written by Carly Wray
Directed by TJ Scott

Anne Marie (to Constantine): "No price is too high to save the innocent."

And now we've gotten our first two parter of the season as another member of Constantine's past made herself very well known when John and Chas were encouraged to take a little trip to Mexico as a demon named Lamashtu has been stealing babies from a particular family. However before discussing the demon stuff, let's discuss Sister Anne Marie first, shall we?

So far in the series we've briefly encountered Ritchie in the opening episode and had an episode that focused on Gary's desperation for redemption of the Newcastle incident as well. Here, we learn that former hedonist Anne Marie became a nun to deal with her guilt and when she wasn't lashing out at Constantine for his carefree attitude towards things, she was also slowly discovering the reason behind his stance before ultimately making a sacrifice in order to protect a child.

Now the demon stuff itself was interesting even before Constantine got shot and left for the Invunche to come after him. Firstly by finding out that La Brujería was responsible for the increase on supernatural stuff and secondly, just how the Newcastle incident seemed to be informing the way both John and Anne Marie tried to solve the problem with the babies at hand.

Of course, it wasn't just Constantine getting his own adventures this week. Despite not being a part of the main story, Zed's past caught up with her this week thanks to Eddie being a part of an organisation determined to bring her home. In spite of a few genuinely bad ass moments, Zed then got captured towards the end of this one, even when she was in John's not so protective fortress. I do like that we learned more about Zed in this one but it probably should've tied into the main plotline this week for a better result though.

- Anne Marie was the one who actually introduced John into the occult side of things. She's also a former girlfriend of his. Can we meet one of his ex boyfriends as well? Come on, show.
- Zed's real name is Mary and she spent most of her childhood locked away by her father I think.
- I think it's time for some Newcastle flashbacks, isn't it? I did like the picture we saw of the punk versions of John and Anne Marie there. We also have to meet Judith, don't we?
- No Manny in this episode. It does seem like we can't really have an episode with him, Zed and Chas all there. Budget reasons?

I liked this one. "The Saint Of Last Resorts Part 1" felt like a good opening story and I did slightly learning more about Newcastle as well as getting some solid stuff on Zed but both stories should've overlapped each other a little. Other than that, a terrific episode.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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