Thursday, September 03, 2015

My Review of Scream's 1x10: "Revelations"

Written by Jaime Paglia
Directed by Jamie Travis

Piper (to Emma): "I seriously wish you could see your face right now. Hashtag: mind blown."

Er, yeah about that - more like hashtag: saw it coming from the start. I mean seriously, unlike most of the movies where I actually struggled to guess who the killer was going to be and what their motives were, the reveal of Piper as Ghostface was so bloody obvious from the start along with her motives that it just more of a relief when she unmasked herself more than anything else really.

It might sound like I'm annoyed by the reveal but I'm actually not. I get that I'm slightly older than the actual target audience for this show but it did feel like that aside from a few attempts at misdirection that Piper being Ghostface just wasn't shocking in the slightest. On the plus side, it finally gave Amelia Rose Blaire some meaty material as Piper told Emma and Daisy/Maggie a couple of home truths by the same spot where Brandon James was murdered in the first place.

The confrontation itself was pretty strong and I did like that Piper was fine with using Branson as a fall guy for her crimes until both Emma and Audrey royally mucked up her plans and killed at the lake. That of course led to something more interesting - Piper having an accomplice.

I'm not sure I like the idea that Audrey had some kind of role in the various murders during the season, though it wouldn't be the first time one of the killers/accomplices has murdered one of their own (Stu, Mickey, Jill and Charlie for example) and she has been acting fairly cagey before the last reveal of her and Piper previously being in contact with one another though.

As for the rest of the episode - a part of me is a little shocked that they didn't go for one hell of a bloodbath. Aside from the sheriff's death and a random extra, Piper's last hurrah wasn't quite as bloody as expected. On the plus side, she did make for a better killer than Roman did in the third movie and overall, it was a satisfying enough way of ending this saga while sort of setting up more stuff for next season.

- It was nice the show managed to get in a nice tribute for Wes Craven at the start of the episode. Thanks for the screams, Wes.
- Brooke literally got fridged in this episode but survived, which I was pleased about. I even liked Jake in this episode. That being said, only Will was the main character to actually die this season.
- Um, Piper - we've had two female killers in this franchise before. Plus Tatum back in 1996 pointed out sexism over dismissing the idea of a female killer.
- Whatever Audrey's motives for being in contact with Piper, I hope they make sense.

A decent finale but a fun, but not too challenging series. "Revelations" brought things to a satisfying enough conclusion even if Piper being the killer had been obvious from the word go. A part of me does wonder if it would be a better idea for the show to have a new cast and setting for the next season rather than extend the Lakewood stuff but I guess we'll have to see how things pan out next year though.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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