Thursday, September 17, 2015

My Review of Constantine's 1x12: "Angels And Ministers Of Grace"

Written by Christine Boylan
Directed by Sam Hill

Constantine: "Manny's here."
Zed: "I know."
Constantine: "You can see him?"

After her absence in the previous episode, Zed was back and this time while we didn't get any more information on her family life, we did get some information on her as we learned that she has a serious brain tumour, which this episode didn't entirely confirm might have been the source of the visions. On the other hand, if her importance to Constantine wasn't apparent beforehand, it definitely was during this episode.

Constantine was desperate to help her and stop a serial killer at a hospital that he even conjured a spell to make Manny earthbound into a doctor's body for most of this episode. It was about time the show properly utilised Manny (aside from the debacle with Imogen and parts of the previous episode) and the teaming with Constantine where he was at a disadvantage actually did wonders with the character for me.

I did like the general plot with the black diamond and former war veteran/doctor Gaelen punishing people mucking up their second chances - which at one point put Zed in a little danger, even if Constantine and Manny's alliance and quick thinking did of course save the day.

The other thing I liked about the episode was the fact that Zed is now able to actually see and communicate with Manny directly, which certainly changes the dynamic a little. Constantine himself even seemed relieved that someone other than him can now interact with the ever cryptic angel, going by the final scene in this one.

- Chas was also in this episode and aside from one moment with the black diamond, he didn't really do much.
- Linda the nurse who 'seduced' Manny at one point in the episode was also Esther in Torchwood: Miracle Day. Matt Ryan also guest starred in the show's second series.
- I did like that Manny did seem to be genuinely sympathetic towards Zed. It helped a little in making him more likeable-ish.
- Trailer for the final episode certainly pushed the dark aspect as well as a few welcomed returning character.

Not quite as strong as the previous episode, but "Angels And Ministers Of Grace" did give us some brilliant stuff with John, Zed and Manny as the three worked well together for the second time in this show's only season. I really hope the finale is a satisfying conclusion now.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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