Friday, September 18, 2015

My Review of Constantine's 1x13: "Waiting For The Man"

Written by Cameron Welsh
Directed by David Boyd

Constantine (to Manny): "You know me. I don't play if I can't win."

Okay, so that was a finale but one that oddly enough didn't feel too much like a finale, in spite of maybe two fairly big characters moments which I'll get into in a bit. The main plot on the other hand, well, it wasn't my favourite one we've had so far.

Mainly it entailed a misogynistic serial killer kidnapping and marrying young girls in some weird type of cult until at nearly the last moment of the episode Constantine, Zed and a returning Corrigan banded together and stopped him in his tracks. The fact then that Constantine and Corrigan branded their own punishment on the guy was both expected and deserved.

I liked Corrigan in his earlier appearance and I also liked him in this episode. While I wasn't too fond of an implied triangle between Constantine/Zed/Corrigan, the three of them worked together as a team and I also liked that Zed confessed to Jim that she knew something about his future after a brief conversation with Manny.

Speaking of Manny - he's the traitor, which in some ways kind of makes sense but also felt a little too predictable though. I did like the final scene where he forged an alliance with Papa Midnite (who tried and failed to kill John) but knowing that the show won't be coming back, it also means it's another plot we're unlikely to see come to fruition though.

- No Chas in this episode, which was a bummer. We did however sort of see Gary Lester again though.
- Looks like John and company can find supernatural trouble without the map that Manny burned in the previous episode, though with Corrigan the action was in New Orleans.
- The show would've gone with a John/Zed romance had it been picked up, right?
- I don't think we even got to see John's lair in this one either.

A solid episode but not the best of ending the show, though that's not the show's fault. "Waiting For The Man" had some great moments of hinting of things ahead but now they're things we're unlikely to see. On the other hand, at least Constantine himself will be popping up on Arrow shortly.

Rating: 7 out of 10


Anonymous said...

"- The show would've gone with a John/Zed romance had it been picked up, right?"

If it followed the comics.

I think this episode doesn't feel like a finale because they originally intended to have more episodes in the season. This would have just been the last Fall episode or so. And Spoiler TV lists an unaired (unproduced?) episode 14 called "Devil Doc".

shawnlunn2002 said...

I didn't know there was an episode 14 intended.

I liked the episode but didn't love it. The show itself has been solid enough though and I can't wait to see the character in Arrow.