Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My Review of Gotham's 2x02: "Knock, Knock"

Written by Ken Woodruff
Directed by Rob Bailey

Jerome: "Hang on to your hats cos you ain't seen nothing yet!"

Well, this show has certainly upped it's game, hasn't it? Now I was expecting at some point in the show for Essen to die but in practically the episode after she was made commissioner. Come on, show - you couldn't have waited until November sweeps to kill the character off? Okay then.

Essen's demise came at the hands of Jerome, who this week really upped his game as Theo encouraged his madness and the gang sprang out of Arkham suddenly became known as the Maniax. In this episode alone, they used some workers to spell out their name, tried to burn up a bus of jocks and cheerleaders before invading GCPD and causing something of a bloodbath.

I really liked the confrontation between Jerome and Essen and I did like that the latter had some fight in her before being killed off, even if her death could've been held off for a little later. Even if Jerome isn't the Joker, he's certainly cemented himself as a proper thorn for Gotham and given that the Maniax are now reduced to him, Barbara and Amygdala, I'm guessing there's more mayhem to be stopped before they're done with.

As for Barbara, this episode wasn't as great for her as the opening episode but she did have some fun though. She got to torture Mayor James (does anyone care about that character? Yeah, didn't think so) with Tabitha while using Amygdala to beat the crap out of Gordon but so far, she's largely been kept away from the bigger schemes of Theo, who she openly expressed annoyance towards in this episode. Don't worry, Babs, you'll get your moment to cause further mayhem I don't doubt.

As for the non Maniax stuff, Alfred nearly got himself fired for blowing up the Bat computer but at the last minute, Bruce decided to let him keep his job provided he didn't stop him from continuing to investigate his father's secret life. This show really does want go there with the Batman stuff and having Lucious drafted in fix the computer will certainly edges Bruce towards his destiny when it's actually repaired, right?

Also in "Knock, Knock"

Both Oswald and Selina were missing for this episode, Nate and Dent have yet to appear/return and Tabitha continues to kill blokes in this one. She shot Arnold. Bullock also rejoined GCPD after Essen's death.

Theo (to Mayor James): "See there is no spider but if you don't do what I ask, there will be one."

I'm guessing with Theo's determination to get rid of James, he'll be wanting to step in as Gotham's new mayor shortly.

Theo (to Jerome): "The laugh is fabulous, use that."

Essen: "You ever thought about that? Walking away?"
Gordon: "No. You?"
Essen: "I did for a long time."

I've read some theories online that Barbara might be this show's take on Harley Quinn. Considering that she's expressed no romantic interest in Jerome so far, I think some people might be a bit off there.

Gordon: "Love you."
Leslie: "Likewise."

Lucious: "I'll bite. What were you thinking about me?"
Alfred: "Oh Alfred, please."

Nygma's split personality thing is a little too much like Two Face to really work with the character. However he did seem to finally endear himself to Kristen though in this one.

Barbara (to Gordon): "I'm not sick. I'm free."

Essen: "It's a new day, Jim."

Chronology: From where "Damned If You Do" more or less left off.

Well, this was even better than the opening episode. The Maniax (dwindling numbers aside) might be this show's attempt of a Sinister Six but they certainly know how to make an impression and in Knock, Knock, they definitely did that. It does look however by next week's episode their reign of terror might be coming to an end.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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