Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Doctor Who - Series 6 Radio Times Guide

Radio Times have decided to do their usual guide for the new series of Doctor Who a week early, due to the Royal Wedding getting the cover for next week, so without further ado, here's what to expect in the first half of Series 6 ....

6x01/6x02: The Impossible Astronaut/Day Of The Moon

Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Toby Haynes

Is there anything about this American two-parter we don't know about? Let's see, there's the threat that between the Doctor, Amy, Rory and River, one of them will die, you've got President Nixon and Mark Sheppard playing FBI agent Canton Everett Delaware III as well as the introduction of the Silence (above pictured). Add in a future version of the Doctor and Amy discovering something she's forced to keep secret as well as that TARDIS from The Lodger and you definitely have the trapping of an unforgettable two-part adventure.

6x03: The Curse Of The Black Spot

Written by Steve Thompson
Directed by Jeremy Webb

Sherlock writer Steve Thompson tackles this Pirate themed episode and given that another Pirates Of The Carribean movie is out this year, it's a rather timely episode, isn't it? This one feature Hugh Bonneville as Pirate captain, Avery as well as Lily Cole as a Selkie/Mermaid creature that possesses people, including Rory at one point. Also, watch out for Amy's swashbuckling skills in this one.

6x04: The Doctor's Wife

Written by Neil Gaiman
Directed by Richard Clark

Originally meant for last season, this audaciously titled episode has yet to actually reveal as to whether or not it literally lives up to it's title. Either way, Suranne Jones looks absolutely stunning as Idris (old friend with a new face, according to Gaiman) and it's also the one where the Ood return, Amy/Rory have an interesting conversation about Time Lords and the Doctor does battle with a mysterious voice as they talk about Time Lord deaths. It's definitely the one I'm looking forward to the most and Michael Sheen voices a role in this one too.

6x05/6x06: The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People

Written by Matthew Graham
Directed by Julian Simpson

Described as a mash up of The Thing and Made In Dagenham, this two parter from Fear Her scribe, Matthew Graham certainly explores the more rebellious aspects of cloning amidst an alien shape changer and industrial disputes. There's also something of a shocking cliffhanger or two in this story that will prove to be important later on in the series as well. Expect guest appearances from Marshall Lancaster, Raquel Cassidy and Sarah Smart in this one.

6x07: A Good Man Goes To War

Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Peter Hoar

The mid-season finale to the sixth season and the one where there will be consequences for harming Amy as the Doctor and Rory blaze the galaxy to save the women in both their lives. This one is also the one where we finally find out who River is and as well as the slightly new looking Cybermen with Centurion Rory, expect appearances of Dorium, Silurians and Sontarans in this one as well. We could be possibly seeing the formation of the Alliance from last series here.

Series 6 begins on BBC1 at 6pm from April 23rd to June 4th. The second half will premiere in September.

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