Wednesday, April 06, 2011

True Blood - Season 4 Waiting Sucks Teasers

On June 26th, the fourth season of True Blood will debut on HBO and the cable station in the last month have been dutiful in releasing some teasers to get fans in the mood. Here are my thoughts on some of them. New Coven: Bill and Eric are together discussing the rise of a coven in Bon Temps that has the ability to control the dead. Bill seems more worried than Eric about it, which is ironic when you consider a fate that is about to fall on Eric in this season. I think this clip is from the opening episode, She's Not There. Naked And Memory Lost: Eric's in the woods, supposedly nude and bereft of his memories. Clearly this show is wisely going to pursue the amnesiac storyline from the fourth book and this clip is definitely from the second episode, You Smell Like Dinner. Chances of Marnie/Hallow being responsible? Totally! Rebirth: Jason's sweating and bound to a bed and thinks he's dying. Actually, according to Crystal, he's being reborn, so it's looking likely that he's going to become a werepanther this season. This clip is from the third episode, If You Love Me, Then Why Am I Dying? Jealous Boyfriend: Sam is comforting new character Luna and she warns him that not only is her ex-boyfriend a were, but he's also a pretty damn jealous guy, which probably should worry Sam to a degree. So far, he seems a little unfazed by it. This clip is from the fourth episode. Fix My Maker: Easily the most interesting one of the bunch. Pam's in the woods and she's pretty agressive in trying to get Marnie/Hallow into fixing Eric's current state. Interesting that Lafayette, Jesus and Tara seem more on Marnie/Hallow's side than they are Pam's. This one is from the fourth episode too.

Waiting Sucks Clips:

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