Thursday, April 21, 2011

My Review of Brothers And Sisters 5x14: "The One That Got Away"

Written by Gina Lucita Monreal And David Babcock
Directed by Michael Morris

Kevin: “You know, people make mistakes, especially when it comes to love.”
Scotty: “Oh come on, do you really think that’s true?”
Kevin: “Yeah, in it’s own peculiar way. You should forgive him, Scotty.”
Scotty: “Well, people have forgiven me in the past.”

Now I would if the quote above was a massive indicator of how big Kevin and Scotty’s role was in this Valentine’s episode but the right kick in the nuts is that sadly, neither of them have big roles in this episode. They’re just supporting players but their only scene together is one of two scenes where this episode was bliss. The rest was fine but hardly riveting stuff though.

I’m going to rant here because I want to get it out of my system but if Saul and Jonathan can share a tender kiss on the lips (which was lovely), then why the heck can’t Kevin and Scotty anymore? Every other couple was allowed to have that bit of physical affection and it felt somewhat jarring that they couldn’t.

Still, at least their only scene together was sweet. It’s not the first time that Kevin’s made some perceptive comments on the nature of love and his joking at Scotty’s expense was funny without being nasty. Plus it was nice to have the pair of them have a scene where parenting wasn’t the topic of the day. Can we have more scenes like that, writers?

As for Saul – you’re in your seventies and a bit less flighty than the rest of your family. Next time, try not serving Jonathan something that he’s allergic to just because Frank N. Beans the food critic is getting a little frisky with your boyfriend. Those types of pranks are no longer funny on Desperate Housewives and you should know better.

However I’m surprised at Jonathan. He was foolish to try and make Saul jealous but he must really like him to have actually stayed with him at the end. Both Ron Rifkin and Richard Chamberlain played their scenes rather nicely and Kevin/Scotty grumbles aside, I thought it was nice that we got to see Saul/Jonathan kiss. I don’t imagine it’ll happen often but it was a nice move on the show’s part, so I’m gonna praise them there.

That being said with praise comes some deserved criticism as well – who’s the daddy? Remember back in the second season when the same plot with Rebecca and David pretty much blew up in the writers’ faces? I certainly remember it and I can’t for the life of me fathom out why the series would even think of venturing there with Sarah.

I defended Rose in my previous review but now, I really am struggling to understand why she opened up this can of worms. When it comes to the Walkers, secrets like this are usually best left alone and I didn’t need Justin’s snarky comment to Sarah to remind me of it but at the same time, I appreciated it.

I also found it rather funny that Tommy was hissy with Rose over her snooping but yet it was him who went and dropped the bomb on Sarah’s lap. I might have found her refusal to believe Nora a bit aggravating but I understood where she was coming from though. It’s not like Nora hasn’t lied to her children in the past, has it?

As for Brody potentially being Sarah’s father – I hope the show doesn’t actually go there but I’m convinced that they’re going. Otherwise, why even tease the possibility that Sarah might not be William or have her come face to face with Brody at the end of the episode as well? And that’s not even mentioning Nora’s pining for Brody in both her radio segments this week either.

Brody must be some guy to have Nora all flustered and quick to deny anything to Sarah. Here’s hoping that next week’s episode finally lays this issue to rest, because happy as I am for Sarah to have storylines that don’t centre on Luc, the radio station or her kids, I’m not sure this is the way to go.

Speaking of Luc, talk about going over the top? I get that he wanted to cook a nice meal for Sarah and get back in with her emotionally but why didn’t he just try something else? Maybe Justin’s advice on romance sounded a bit caveman like but I did think that he raised a good point. On the plus side, Justin and Luc’s scenes together was mostly harmless fun.

As for Tommy and Rose, I’m still not too bothered with them as a couple. Rose did learn a harsh lesson this week with her meddling but at the same time, I’m beginning to wonder what her motives are when it comes to the Walkers. She does seem overly interested in their business and private lives. Even Holly had more self-restraint – just about!

Also in “The One That Got Away”

Robert mentioned last season that he had the Walkers looked into when he met Kitty, so that has to mean that he might have known about Brody, right?

Nora: “Sarah, I was emoting, that’s what I get paid for.”
Sarah: “No, mom, you get paid to be the concerned but ever positive mother that none of us really have but we all need, especially on holidays.”

I couldn’t have been the only one who wasn’t surprised that Karl had left the station but I can see why his departure might have added to Sarah’s headaches.

Justin (to Luc/Scotty): “I get romance. I just don’t think you need shock and awe to prove it.”

Saul: “Let me ask you something – are you in love with him?”
Nora: “Well, you tell me – are you in love with Jonathan?”

Both Jonathan and Kevin are allergic to shrimp. For a moment at the end of the episode, I did think Kevin had eaten it before I realised he was messing with Scotty.

Sarah: “Tommy, it is exhausting letting you in and out of this family.”
Tommy: “At least I know I’m part of this family.”

Sarah: “What is this, my birth certificate? What are you, the FBI?”
Rose: “It’s so easy to find this stuff.”

William didn’t originally sign Sarah’s birth certificate, rousing Rose’s suspicions and Kevin got the charming new moniker of airport head.

Justin: “Sarah, you gotta let this go. I mean going all DNA in this family, trust me, don’t do it.”
Kevin: “The kid’s right, can we please?”
Sarah: “No, Kevin, I’m not gonna let you all jump on the mom bandwagon and put this under the rug.”

Rose: “I feel terrible.”
Nora: “Well, good.”
Rose: “I don’t know what to do.”
Nora: “Why don’t you do what we all do – have a glass of wine and wait for the dust to settle? And if you’re gonna be a part of this family, you need to get over it. Stop crying.”

Standout music: Keane’s “Hamburg Song” and yet again, there was no Kitty in this episode.

Jonathan: “Hard as it is to believe, you’re the one I’m interested in too.”
Saul: “Oh God, why didn’t you say anything?”
Jonathan: “Sorry but we’re all afraid of taking the first step.”

Kevin: “I’m glad I came home.”
Scotty: “Me too. Happy Valentine’s day.”
Kevin: “Happy Valentine’s day.”

Chronology: February 14th 2012 of course.

As Valentine’s day episodes go, “The One That Got Away” does the job nicely but I guess the lack of physical affection between Kevin and Scotty in this one slightly soured it more than most episodes as well as the dread I have over the Sarah plotline too.

Rating: 7 out of 10.


marea67 said...

I agree that the Kevin/Scotty non-kissing just bothered me most in THIS episode.
I get that the main focus should be on Saul/Jonathan and, personally, I found their first kiss to be 'more important' (for lack of a better description) than a kiss between K/S.

But, then don't have Sarah/Luc and Tommy/Rose kiss either or only ONE of the straight couples. After all the face-sucking between Sarah/Luc this season we could have done ONE episode without them going at it :( .

Maybe then it would have felt more 'equal' and the non-kissing between K/S might have bothered me less. Maybe.

shawnlunn2002 said...

The lack of kissing between Kevin/Scotty is ridiculous this season, especially given how much of a fan favourite the couple have been. Do people have the same level of care for Sarah/Luc, Kitty/Seth? Heck no.

I agree about Saul/Jonathan's kiss being an important one and it was a sweet one too. I like them as a couple.