Saturday, April 02, 2011

Doctor Who - Series 6 BBCA Trailer Spoilers

The Doctor (to Amy): Whatever happens however hard, however far, we will find you.

You have to love BBCAmerica. Shortly after the BBC released a trailer for Series 6, they did exactly the same thing and used different clips for effect. For instance, River's looking all beautiful and marked and getting her shooting on in that other TARDIS from last season.

The Doctor and Idris (Suranne Jones) looking at a strange ship from The Doctor's Wife. The more I read about this episode, the more I am convinced that Idris will be the TARDIS in lady form. I'm also willing to bet this will be the episode with the Ood in them as well.

Amy and Rory in the TARDIS with River from The Impossible Astronaut/Day Of The Moon. There's a lot of Amy and Rory running about the place in the trailer, including some ominous stuff with the Doctor and Amy as well. What is going to happen to Amy in this one?

More stuff from the US two-parter with the Doctor, River and Canton (Mark Shephard) in the TARDIS. The Doctor talks to Canton about the length of them being here. Presumably them is in relation to the Silents/Silence, so it's nice to see Eleven taking an assertive role in trying to figure out his new foes.
This is definitely from The Rebel Flesh/Gangers. I could recognise Marshall Lancaster a mile off and it seems that the cloned people in orange suits are helping (or hindering) Rory at one point in the trailer. The pirate episode also some stuff involving explosions and talks of a struggle.

Okay, are these the Silents or the Ood because there could be arguments made for both but either way, they look damn creepy. And now there is exactly three weeks to go before Series 6 arrives on both UK and US shores.

Series 6 BBCA Trailer:


Guada GN said...

Boy, I can´t wait!!!! (by the by, love Mark Shephard, he´s such a smooth villain/foe/frenemy)

shawnlunn2002 said...

Only three weeks to go and awesomeness ensues.

I think Series 6 is going to be the best yet.