Monday, April 11, 2011

The Genius Of Seth MacFarlane?

Oh, FXUK and BBC3 - your neverending love/obsession/bloody hard on for Seth Macfarlane means that I can't go a single day without seeing one of his show. American Dad: I wasn't initially impressed with this show and most of the time, I'm either watching repeats or not knowing what season I'm watching but either way, the show has won me over but the characters are the same steretypes and then some - sexist caveman Stan, hot, bored housewife Francine, sexually liberated freedom fighter, nerdy loser Steve, alcholic alien Roger and Nazi fish Klaus but there's definitely a fun, pithy humour to this show that's making it a better watch than MacFarlane's first creation.
Family Guy: A year ago, I would've preferred this one to American Dad but now Family Guy slightly loses out. It's still a good show though I kinda wish that BBC3 would get a move on and air the current season as I've nearly rewatched all the first eight seasons over and over. In terms of characters, the show continues to strike gold with dog Brian and psychotic baby Stewie but loutish Peter is still a little hit and miss for me at times. Lois and Chris are funny enough but aren't the jokes at Meg's expense a little old now? Then again, maybe not.

The Cleveland Show: It's the one that I've watched the least of the three MacFarlane shows on TV and also the one I like the least. It's not as funny as the other shows and Cleveland is a weak character to base a spin-off on but it's better than some other animated shows. Maybe I should give it a bit more attention but overall, Seth MacFarlane is definitely someone who should keep making TV.

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