Wednesday, April 13, 2011

To Skin Her Or Not To

And here's another TV jumble of the stuff I have been watching the last fortnight.

V: I don't know why but I am actually enjoying this series a lot. Yes, there have been better updates on classic sci-fi shows but for some reason, I think this one is really finding itself rather nicely. The last two episodes have certainly seen Anna at her gloriously manipulative best, all the while trying to prove Diana wrong at every turn and it's nice to see how desperate Lisa is becoming to not turn out like her mother. The fifth column stuff took a gory turn with Erica and company's torture of a Visitor agent (even I had a hard time watching those scenes) but overall, I am really hoping that this show actually pulls a miracle and bags a third year. I can wish, right?

Desperate Housewives: Oh, Beth Young - I started off not liking you and over the last few episodes, feeling quite bad for you. The housewives were bitches to you, your husband callously delighted in telling you he killed your aunt and your mother heartlessly disowned you. Beth's solution to all these woes - shoot herself in the hospital so that Susan can get a kidney. Pretty strange way of going about things but not for this show. And to be fair, this was also in an episode where Susan and Mike shagged in the woods, Gabby and Lee competed with their kids in a talent show, Lynette pulled a childish prank on Renee and Bree basically bullied everyone into getting tested for Susan. The funny part was that this was also the second episode of the season as well as being the show's 150th episode too. Imagine that!

The Walking Dead: It's weird how long it's actually taken me to watch this show. FXUK have aired it twice already and Channel 5 started it on Sunday, so I finally decided to catch up with it. Was it worth it? I guess so. There was a lot I liked here - the main cast are likeable, Andrew Lincoln is a good everyman hero type with Rick Grimes, the zombies look great and there's a genuine menace in the air as a result of their invasion, so overall, I think I could be hooked to this show. The next couple of episodes will be the decider for me.

Shameless US: I'm going to have to eat some humble pie here because for over the last few weeks, the US version of this popular Brit one has actually gotten better. The cast have certainly found their groove (okay, maybe not Steve/Jimmy but everyone else has) and the stories being retold are working very well too. Also, while the image of a punked out Karen shagging Frank and putting it online is one that I can easily do without (along with this version of Monica, whose as bad as her UK counterpart), I am rather pleased that this series has gotten a second run. I like Kash way more in this one than in the UK one and Kevin/Veronica are definitely the better pairing in this show too.

Being Human US: Not a bad slew of final episodes here and like Shameless US, this one has certainly come leaps and bounds as well. I'm glad that the series went and bumped off Marcus, Rebecca and Bishop like the UK one did but I am surprised that we're getting the werewolf baby plot with Josh/Nora so quickly, given that we have yet to see the fruits of both George and Nina's labours. As a gang though, Josh, Aidan, Sally and Nora are also coming along rather nicely too and I did like the subplots of Aidan's relationship with Selene as well.

Boardwalk Empire: This series really seemed to go by so quickly, didn't it? I watch pretty much most of the first season as I could and I definitely got why the show has become as acclaimed as it had been. The characters are certainly rich and multi-layered and if we ever needed a successor to The Sopranos, then this show certainly fills that void and the last scene with Nucky and Margaret was an interesting ending for the first year.

- Jonathan Groff is reprising his role as Jesse for three episodes in the last throes of the second season of Glee. Holly will also be singing Adele's Tuning Tables when the show returns next week.
- Expect another child added to the Walker clan as well as the return of Tyler in the last four episodes of Brothers And Sisters. Plus an incredibly terrible retcon concerning Sarah.
- Robert Sheehan will not be returning for the third season of Misfits. Instead a new character called Rudi will be introduced, though the role has yet to be cast.
- Desperate Housewives will be coming back for an eighth season, according to new reports and Vanessa Williams will also be sticking with the series.
- Kathy Griffin will be guest starring in an upcoming episode of Drop Dead Diva.
- An advertising company have had to apologise after placing ads for The Walking Dead next to a funeral parlour.

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