Friday, April 01, 2011

Grey's Anatomy Goes Musical - Spoilers

This is not an April fools joke, the show actually went there and gave us a musical episode named, Song Beneath The Song. As titles go, it's one of Grey's Anatomy's better ones.

I'm not really sure what the logic was supposed to be behind this particularly episode, apart from coming up with a way of dealing with Callie and her unborn baby post truck crash with Arizona but doing the episode in the context of a musical was strange? Does Grey's Anatomy really lend itself to do one? Does any show that's ever attempted one? Perhaps not but given that music is rather instrumental to this show, this was an episode that worked in some parts and didn't engage in others. The parts where it didn't engage was the hamfisted ending with Callie surviving (glad as I am, we have seen other characters die in lesser circumstances), a wasted appearance from Addison and Mark being a jackass even if Arizona did start on him at first.

The cast themselves can mostly sing and pulled off the selection of songs used in the episode - Chasing Cars, How To Save A Life, The Story, Cosy In The Rocket to name a few of the songs the show has made big over the last few years. In particular, Chandra Wilson, Kevin McKidd, Chyler Leigh and Sara Ramirez were pretty stunning and while some of the music choices were odd, tonally they made sense for Callie's predicament and speedy resolution and visually, it was one of the best looking episodes as well. I could criticise it for being cheesy but this show is cheesy 99% of the time anyways and it was also one of the season's better episodes. Plus, as a Callie/Arizona fan, I am pleased the baby survived and Callie said yes to Arizona's proposal. UK viewers will be able to see the episode on SkyLiving in May.


Guada GN said...

Buffy. That´s the only show going musical that worked.
But, Ill give this one a try.

shawnlunn2002 said...

Yeah Buffy nailed it but a lot of shows don't seem to.

Grey's did do a decent job with theirs though.