Saturday, April 30, 2011

Soap Discussion - April 2011

Another month comes to an end, so here's some thoughts on the soaps from that month...

Coronation Street: Not necessarily a remarkable month for the show if I'm being honest, apart from the fact that John's unraveling should lead to a good exit next month but apart from that and the double weddings of David/She Demon Kylie and Graeme/Xin, the rest of it was rather tedious with the contrived way of splitting up Eddie/Anna and the somewhat rushed return of Todd with posh totty Jools and Marcus and Sean catching up. I already know where Sean and Marcus's storyline is going as well and I'm not sure I care that much. Still, it's better than anything concerning Steve/Becky/Tracy though.

Emmerdale: Now this was a dull month to be honest that really nothing stood out too much. Cain sleeping with Amy just basically reinforced his inability to keep his dick in his pants and Chariry chickening out on getting even with him irritated me to no end. Also, like Faye, Maisie and Will, Ryan was given a pretty duff exit and the feuding between John and Declan over the farm was anything but riveting. Even the Aaron/Jackson storyline managed to bore but that could be done to my own hang ups about where it's going to go though.

EastEnders: Ah, finally the resolution of the baby swap storyline. Ronnie ended up finally doing the right thing and giving Kat/Alfie back baby Tommy and creating even more ripples as a result. Luckily we had Jean on hand, wasn't it when it came to Kat? Elsewhere, Tanya/Greg's wedding wasn't riveting until she starting kissing Max, Whitney's return just happened and the writers tried to make me care about Heather's lovelife and Mercy being threatened with deportation. Well, I did say tried but it was a better month for the show regardless.

Fair City: Okay spending most of the month being falsely accused of being a paedophile but then ending the month by killing off the rather harmless Sarah was another. You have to hand it to Barry - the man is both horribly unlucky and spectacularly messes up and having Denzo an ally/blackmailer is also just as unfortunate. It's also one of the best storylines they've done this year and anything is better than the show's usual commentary on the character's financial struggles.
Hollyoaks: Silas strikes again. He might have failed to do in Lindsay but he managed to bump off Jenny/Rebecca during her own failed attempts to con him and while I don't feel sorry for either Doug or Brendan, I do like how her death is having major consequences for the characters. Sil;as is definitely shaping up to be one of the best soap villains and given the way he was looking at Mercedes last night, it looks like he has another victim lined up in the next few weeks. On a less positive note though, can the show do away with the Amy/Lee/Leanne triangle already? Maybe Leanne could just bugger off already.

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