Friday, October 21, 2011

Fandom And Black Female Characters

A few days ago, a follower/friend of mine on LiveJournal linked an article (which I'm linking as well) on fandom's attitude towards black female characters and pointed out four different shows in order to raise a point. Here's my response/opinion to what the article addresses.

Merlin: I remember reading a lot of whiny/bitchy comments about Angel Coulby's casting as Guinevere being PC, whereas I thought she was cast because she was the right person for the role. And four seasons into Merlin, I can't imagine anyone else bringing Gwen to life in the same way that Coulby has done so effortlessly.

Glee: I like Mercedes more than Rachel at times but I was divided with the both of them in the Asian F episode. Mercedes does need more to do as a character. Amber Riley does have the ability to deliver. The writers just need to get off their lazy behinds and realise that all the female characters on this show matter, not just Rachel Berry.

True Blood: Tara's hostility towards vampires in the series is justified IMO. The poor girl was kidnapped, raped and has been repeatedly threatened by them. If Franklin wasn't played by an actor that some fangirls didn't fancy or if Tara didn't have the sense to tell Sookie how destructive both Eric/Bill are, I doubt these idiots would care to ciritique.

Doctor Who: As for Martha Jones, I've never understood how such a wonderfully compassionate character like her has been the figure of hatred for certain fans. It's genuinely mind boggling stuff. How can someone this kind, resourceful, intelligent and interesting can generated that much hatred? All is proves to me that there are some fans out there who are genuinely stupid.


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