Sunday, October 30, 2011

Soap Discussion - October 2011

And here's a soap blog. I'll have something different as my final blog for the month of October.

Coronation Street: The sad real life death of Betty Driver aside, October did seem more eventful for the show than it has been for the last while. The aftermath of Carla's rape and the arrival of Frank's horrible mother certainly made things difficult for Underworld's running but the return of John Stape for the billionth time and his subsequent death did make for some oddly entertaining viewing, even if his quest to get Fiz out of jail didn't really go to plan. I think that will be Stape's legacy as a character - a man whose plans never take off the way he wants them to.

EastEnders: Definitely a good month for this - both Eddie/Vanessa left with no fuss, Michael and Janine realise they have a tolerance for each other, Amira's timely returned to create more havoc with Christian and Syed and everyone is still stupidly being manipulated by Yusef, though that one is set to change. Also, I have to praise the show for the surprising way in which Phil handled Ben's sexuality (though did we really have to see him and Lola test it out?) and Ian and Mandy's bumbling romance is way better to watch than Kat and Alfie's deteriorating marriage again. Oh and it looks like Pat's exit has well and truly been set up too.

Emmerdale: Did we need a new family in the village? Maybe not but so far, while I can't stand Sean (one Aaron is more than enough on this show), I do like that we have an older gay couple with Ali and Ruby and I haven't really minded Rachel or Amelia either. Speaking of Aaron, this has been one of his better months with less antics than usual. As for the Marlon/Laurel and Cain/Moira affairs, neither are compelling and seem to be there to fill up airtime rather than anything else.
Fair City: Not that interesting a month. Suzanne's pregnancy seems to have clogged up most of the storylines as Carol seemed to have given birth with little fuss while the Bishops have seemingly petered in the background, apart from Sasha's mother arriving. Oh and no show, I really don't care about Dermot and Jo's financial problems.

Hollyoaks: Yes, it was Fright Night and in a month where Silas toyed with Lynsey, abducted Mercedes and generally seemed to dominated the voiceovers on Channel 4, even I didn't expect the twist on Friday's E4 episode. Not spoiling it here, because you can see it tomorrow on Channel 4 but either way, this really should be instrumental to Silas's downfall as a murderer. As for the fallout of Carl and Mercedes's affair and the departure of Lee - better than the Freshers antics for the time being. Good month overall.

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