Monday, October 31, 2011

Lip Service - Season 1 Review

You gotta give BBC3 their dues. Their comedies might have an alarming hit and miss rate about them but their dramas are solid stuff and tackling a lesbian themed one set in Glasgow could draw comparisons to The L Word but actually this is a better show with a likeable set of characters and intriguing triangles here and there.

Episode 1: Interesting opening episode. We learn that Cat's ex-girlfriend Frankie is back in town and she's on a mission to learn more about her past while Cat becomes friendly with a cop named Sam. Elsewhere Tess has the hots for the seemingly straight Lou as well as an embarrassing run in with an ex-girlfriend.

Episode 2: It's the one where Frankie meets the reckless and light fingered Sadie while continuing to look into her past and it's also the one where Tess makes an eejit of herself on live television and Cat and Sam begin their relationship.

Episode 3: One of the strongest episodes but sadly the one where Tess is dumped by Lou so she can date her horrible co-host while Jay fools around with an office intern with some disastrous results.

Episode 4: Frankie and Jay get a bit too close to each other after spending time together, Tess learns the hard way that internet dating isn't a good idea and Cat lies to Sam, putting their relationship in danger.

Episode 5: The best episode of the bunch Tess having the worst birthday (bad botox, Ed admitting his real feelings for her) and also the one where Sadie is given the elbow and Frankie and Jay's one nighter is revealed to everyone.

Episode 6: Good finale, even if the Cat/Frankie/Sam triangle takes a pretty predictable turn but the solution to Frankie's search into her past is a clear indicator of better storylines in the second season. It's also nice to see Tess with a suitable love interest in Finn as well.

An excellent series and also proof that when BBC3 put some concentration into it, they can produce a good drama that isn't supernatural. I'm definitely hoping that the second season is going to be just as good.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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