Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Misfits - Season 1 Review

This was another show I caught sort of late (but not too late to catch). The series surrounding five teens in community service dealing with superpowers after a freak storm – Kelly/reading people's thoughts, Alisha/driving people wild sexually, Simon/invisibility, Curtis/turning back time and Nathan/being unable to die but once I started watching it, I became bloody hooked to it.

Episode 1: Pretty much sets up everything. Introduces us all to the five main characters, gives them their superpowers and also sees them killing their probation officer in self-defence, setting up a quest for the man's girlfriend to be looking for answers for the rest of the series.

Episode 2: It's the one where Nathan gets a hot new girlfriend and it turns out that Ruth is actually an older woman who becomes younger thanks to the freak storm. It's also the one where Nathan realises that his mother's new boyfriend has been affected by the storm as well.

Episode 3: Simon deals with the possibility of the bodies being discovered but mainly this episode seemed to one in which Alisha grew closer to Curtis and they tried to find ways of being intimate without actually touching each other.

Episode 4: An excellent flashback episode where we learned what led to Curtis's downfall originally as well as what the other kids were up to on the same night. Curtis's attempts of rewriting his own history and dumping his girlfriend also seemed to keep backfiring on him as well.

Episode 5: Maybe the best episode of the first series. It's the one where Nathan was put in the position of caring for a child and the same one where Simon ended up killing Sally after she discovered the truth about her boyfriend's disappearance.

Episode 6: The subplot with the cult called Virtue was nicely done but after six episodes, the most important thing about this episode was finally learning that Nathan could actually be unable to die. A nice way of ending the first year.

An incredibly impressive first run of episodes, it's no wonder this show has generated so much love. It's a refreshing incorrect take on the superhero genre with five genuinely interesting and diverse characters. As for the best part – the second series is even better.

Rating: 9 out of 10.


Mark Greig said...

Are you not bothered that you've just given away every single plot twist? Spoilers, man, spoilers!

shawnlunn2002 said...

The first series aired over two years ago and I have previously discussed it in other blogs, so virtually everything has been revealed anyways.