Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Review of Ringer's 1x06: "Poor Kids Do It Every Day"

Written by Robert Doherty
Directed by Jerry Levine

Bridget: “I would never hurt Gemma.”
Henry: “Stop lying to me, Siobhan, where is she?”
Bridget: “It’s funny. You’re trying to convince me I did something to her when you clearly look like the one who’s snapped.”

There are a lot of things that are funny but as a person, Henry really doesn’t seem like a barrel of laughs, even on a good day. So, on a bad day, he’s even surlier to be around and this episode tried to inject sympathy for him but kind of failed in a way.

I didn’t believe that Henry actually killed Gemma in the first place in the same way that I actually don’t believe that Gemma is even dead but Henry certainly doesn’t make things easy on himself. Being evasive with Andrew is one thing but getting up in Bridget’s face twice during this episode was another.

I wish I was surprised that at one point during their affair that Siobhan had gauged the idea to Henry of having Andrew and Gemma killed but Siobhan so far has been portrayed as someone who goes to ridiculously extreme lengths that her involvement in Gemma’s disappearance seemed more of an odd relief more than anything else.

It still didn’t help Henry though flying into a rage and throwing accusations at Bridget before being gullible enough to tell her where he stashed all the materials he had used to clean up the apartment as well. What I don’t get is why Bridget handled the situation in the way that she did.

Wouldn’t alerting the police to Gemma’s disappearance just attract unwanted attention her way? Oh right, that’s exactly what it did because now Victor has another new reason to harangue Bridget and figure out what she’s up to and I don’t know if trying to shaft Henry is her best course of action anyways.

Henry’s not exactly Mr Slick and I wouldn’t be surprised if with a few more police visits about Gemma if he doesn’t end up blabbing about his affair with Siobhan and then Bridget really will be screwed. No, Bridget’s only best course of action is keeping Henry sweet and hoping her little fingerprint antics don’t result in her being chucked into the slammer.

Much as I like Bridget, the woman doesn’t half make it hard for herself this week. Aside from mishandled Henry, there was also a moment where it did look like she was nearly about to fall off the wagon as well when Juliet gave her the stash of drugs to get rid of too. I suppose in this respect, it’s a good thing she did call Charlie but a) I still don’t trust him and b) I’d rather she started asking questions about Malcolm.

Speaking of Malcolm – the torture needs to stop. I’m sick of seeing the poor guy being forced in taking drugs by Macawi and his crappy sidekicks more than I’m sick of seeing Macawi in general. I was really hoping that this episode was going to put an end to all of this but sadly, it seems that’s not the cause.

Even when Victor was actually able to get a warrant to search the strip club, Macawi and his rubbish goons were able to get rid of Malcolm before Victor could get to him. I’m having a hard time taking Victor seriously at times myself but when he’s being outwitted by Macawi, I’m beginning to wonder if being a detective is Victor’s true calling in life. He doesn’t especially seem to be good at it. Unless needling Bridget counts, which it shouldn’t.

At least Siobhan seems to be covering the villainy a little more convincing than anyone else. She wanted Gemma out of the way and for the time being, her wish is in place and I’m pretty sure she’s still getting her money’s worth out of Tyler’s interest in her but personally, we need more scenes with her and a better explanation as to what’s motivating her actions as of now.

Last but not least, Juliet got an interesting enough subplot that felt less distracting to the antics of this episode. Her snobbery aside, you can’t exactly blame her for not wanting to take crap from the likes of Tessa. If you’re stupid enough to bully someone because you think they’re a soft touch, be prepared for the consequences. My respect actually went up for Juliet by not taking crap from Tessa, even if it nearly got her in trouble.

I also felt bad for her when her new principal and Andrew were both quick to decide that she started the fight, so Mr Carpenter stepping in to defend her was quite nice. That being said, I’m not sure if it’s wise for this show to go into a student/teacher hook up but it does seem that’s exactly where this show will go in relation to Juliet and Mr Carpenter though.

Also in “Poor Kids Do It Every Day”

Is every episode now going to have an opening of the city? We get that it’s based in New York, though is it actually filmed there?

Andrew (re Juliet): “Would you tell her that’s not appropriate attire for her first day of school?”
Bridget: “It’s a little fabric challenged.”

The cop Bridget beat up from the first episode – Jimmy, made a reappearance in this episode and he did not seem pleased.

Henry (re killing Andrew/Gemma): “Oh my God, you’re serious, aren’t you?”
Siobhan: “Do you want me to be? God, I’m joking. You’re gullible. It’s a good thing you’re so adorable.”

Henry (to Bridget, re Gemma): “Do you really think it was me? She’s the mother of my children, Siobhan. Now I know you may not love me anymore but please tell me you still know me. Tell me that you know I would never hurt her.”

Mr Carpenter was played Jason Dohring, who played Logan in Veronica Mars and the principal was played by Adina Porter, otherwise known as Tara’s mother in True Blood.

Bridget (to Charlie, re drugs): “Yeah, you can. These are the relics of my old life. Today’s about protecting my new one.”

Mr Carpenter: “Everyone deserves a fresh start.”
Juliet: “Thanks.”

We learned that Mr Carpenter was an army child in this episode when he was trying to comfort Juliet. Andrew had also a business meeting in Tokyo with Olivia as well.

Siobhan (re Gemma): “I didn’t want it to have to come to this.”

Chronology: It’s October if we’re going by Juliet starting public school and Gemma did not appear in this one.

Despite a rather dodgy title for an episode, “Poor Kids Do It Every Day” is still a rather good episode. It’s nice that we know who is behind Gemma’s current predicament but some more motivations and scenes with Siobhan is really needed at this point though and can Bridget please save Malcolm now?

Rating: 8 out of 10

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