Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Sacrifice Or Two

And here's the second of my TV jumble blog.

Downton Abbey: I can't believe how addictive this show has become. Okay, this season isn't as good as the first but it's still worthy TV and it's making the BBC looking further silly for putting Spooks against it. The last few episodes have had some interesting plot strands and a a few disappointing ones. The lack of danger that Matthew and William were put in falls into the latter category but Ethel's pregnancy, Edith's brief dalliance with a married man, Mary's vocal abilities, Anna/Bates back on track, Cora vs. Isobel over the convalescent home and the politics between Sybil and Branson along with the briefness of Lang and O'Brien and Thomas's scheming have been fun to watch. I can't believe there's only four episodes left to go.

Merlin - Is it me or has this show gone progressively darker as it's gone on? I mean, there's still plenty of humour but this opening two parter felt darker than last years. The Calleach was a good threat (compared to Morgana and Aggravaine) and both Morgause and Lancelot's sacrifices were certainly memorable too. Storywise, I am liking the new dynamic with the main characters and for once, I'm actually feeling bad for Uther and hoping that Morgana gets a clue and realises that Emerys is Merlin. Oh and the Knights certainly add a little something as well, don't they?

Smallville: An interesting set of episodes dealing with Clark and Lois's relationship and giving us more plot strands from the parallel world stuff than before. It did mean an appearance from Jonathan, which I can't complain and the episode that featured Booster was decent enough to watch as well but again, we need more on Darkseid and with four episodes left, it does feel like they're slacking a bit there.

The Vampire Diaries: I wish TG4 would air this show earlier in the year. That way I wouldn't have to worry about Season 3 (which ITV2 are now airing) while watching the final third of Season 2. Bringing back John Gilbert has been fine but Isobel's return and subsequent death and Katherine being captured and reintroduced to Klaus (in Alaric's body) has been more of a highlight. Say what you want about this show but with episodes like that, it really can deliver.

The X Factor: Not really going to bother with the American version (though my sister loves it) but the UK version, we've done the judges houses and the first live performances resulted in 16 acts becoming 12. I can see why James and Amelia had to go but both Jon Jo and 2 Shoes could've lasted for another week or two. Oh and Louis Walsh, contrary to what you think - it is a singing competition. Or at least it very well should be. And much respect to Caroline Flack on The Xtra Factor for putting the usual rent a mob in their place. Fair enough if you don't like Kitty but I wish that lot would shut the hell up about it already.

- Rose Leslie has been cast as Ygritte in the second season of Game Of Thrones. HBO have announced the series return in April 2012.
- Emma Caulfield will be playing the Blind Witch in an upcoming episode of Once About A Time.
- ABC have started work on a version of comedy Suburban Shootout. Maybe they'll have more luck than HBO did.
- Despite being killed off in the opening episode, it turns out that Misha Collins will be returning to Supernatural as Castiel in the near future.
- Channel 5 have acquired the rights to the new series of Dallas, which they'll air next year.
- Denise Richards will guest star in an upcoming episode of 30 Rock.

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