Saturday, July 26, 2014

Arrow - Comic-Con 2014

I was going to merge Arrow with The Flash but it seems that the latter hasn't had their panel yet, so for now here are the highlights of what we can all expect for the upcoming third season on the CW.

From the panel, attended by cast and crew we learned the following things ...

- Arrow is the CW's most watched show for a second year in a row. Hardly surprising when you think about it, considering it's the channel's best show at the moment.
- Fans of Olicity will be delighted to know that the third season will be dealing with the character's feelings for each other, including a date scene with the two of them.
- Sarah will be reappearing in Starling City and Ray Palmer/The Atom will be looking into buying into Oliver's company as well. Ras Al Ghul will also be coming to Starling City as well.
- The flashback action this season will be in Hong Kong and viewers can expect to see Tommy Merlyn to return in the second season during one of the flashbacks.
- Malcolm Merlyn, according to John Barrowman will be going for the emotional side in order to try and control Thea.
- The season will also explore the price of Oliver's victory as well.

- Entertainment Weekly released a cast shot of Colton Haynes's Roy Harper in his full Arsenal gear, which is something we also see in the trailer released during the panel.
- Expect a lot of dramatic tension for Diggle according to David Ramsay. Both Diggle and Oliver are seen at odds with each other in the trailer.
- Season 3 will eventually show us what happened after Thea got into the limo with Malcolm in the second season finale. Thea will be backpacking in Europe for a bit in the new season.
- Expect an episode called Oracle in the new season, which may delve into Felicity's backstory.
- Going from the new trailer, Oliver and Laurel may be business partners this season as well.
- Episode 8 of both Arrow and The Flash's current seasons will be a two hour event.

Arrow Comic-Con Spoilers:
Season 3 Trailer:

Arrow's third season airs Wednesdays 8pm from October 8th on the CW and will return to Sky1 shortly afterwards.

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