Monday, July 07, 2014

Total & Unconditional Surrender

And a look at some of the shows I have been watching recently ....

24: Live Another Day: I can't be the only one disappointed that the whole Heller thing turned out to be faked after all? I mean, I guess it was a clever way of signalling Margot's downfall (quite literal in her case) but it also felt like something of a cop out as well not following through with killing off the character, though the seeds for a Jack/Audrey reunion were sown though. On the plus side, at least Navarro and Chloe's boss have made themselves known as the baddies while Kate finally realised her husband wasn't corrupt after all. I really hope she makes it out of the next two episodes alive.

Devious Maids: On the plus side, the whole Dahlia mystery got slightly more interesting when crazy Opal decided to mow down her employer, the fact is it's the other storylines that have had more impact though. Namely Adrian trying to catch out Evelyn and Tony, Zoila's relationship with the famous chef, the Reggie/Rosie/Spencer triangle and Spencer's nephew getting more into Carmen as the episodes have progressed. With Irish viewers due to catch up on the show's first season fairly soon, the second season has been fun enough but only slightly less than it's first year.

Orange Is The New Black: Again, the second season of this show has not been as great as the first year but it's coming close to edging it out. While Piper has had marginally less screentime, she's still gotten plotlines with her grandmother's illness, visits from Larry/a journalist and the newsletter plotline as well. On the otherhand we've also gotten flashbacks for Gloria, Poussey and Black Cindy, a crazy Valentine's Day episode, a touching subplot with an elderly inmate as well as Red trying to regain her role with the women and Vee slowly but surely orchestrating a divide between prisoners. In short, there certainly hasn't been a dull moment aside from the Caputo and Larry/Polly bits.

Orphan Black: I caught up with the last two episodes on BBC3 and right now, I really am hoping that BBCAmerica intend to renew this show and fast. Without a doubt, it's their best offering and the finale itself set so much up - the series of Mark clones, Charlotte the younger clone being looked after by the not so bad Marion, Rachel getting her just desserts, Siobhan and Paul working together, Helena being shipped off and of course, Cosima's current fate needing resolving. Oh and that sequence where Sarah, Helena, Allison and Cosima were dancing - clearly one of the most inspired moments from the series yet. A brilliant ending to an engaging second season. Let there be a third run, BBCAmerica.

The Vampire Diaries: Not a bad set of episodes. For a moment, we briefly got to see Tyler again, had a slew of new characters introduced, dealt with Bonnie's passing and also got a delightful confrontation between Tessa and Silas for good measure along with the usual Stefan/Elena/Damon angst for good measure. Personally, I'm just enjoying Caroline's snarky comments and Tessa actually being a sympathetic, rounded semi-antagonist a lot more though.

- Contrary to Twitter reports/hacking, Chris Colfer will be in the final season of Glee. Co-star Matthew Morrison has also confirmed that it will be 13 episodes.
- Peter Stormare has joined the third season of Arrow, cast in the role of villain, Vertigo while Karl Yune has been cast as Oliver's mentor, Maseo Yamashiro while Devon Aoki will play Katana.
- The pilot episodes for both The Flash and Constantine have leaked.
- Georgina Haig will be playing the role of Elsa for the fourth season of Once Upon A Time while Scott Michael Foster and Elizabeth Lail have been cast as Kristoff and Anna respectively.
- Community has been saved by Yahoo and will now get a sixth season.
- Spain has been added to the list of location that Game Of Thrones will be filming it's upcoming fifth season in.
- Jamie Bamber has joined Rizzoli & Isles.
- Jennifer Love Hewitt will be a regular in the tenth season of Criminal Minds.
- Better Call Saul will have a flexible time, which will make it exist before, during and after the events of parent series, Breaking Bad.
- UK viewers can see the third season of Scandal on SkyLiving from July 31st.

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