Friday, July 18, 2014

Batman: The Animated Series - Episodes 36-40 Reviews

Another interesting selection of episodes with an update on a few Rogues, a Christmas episode and the foreshadowing of another hero(ine) in the midst as well.

Episode 36: Moon Of The Wolf

With the existence of a character like ManBat and the events of Tyger, Tyger, seeing people being turned into animals has been something that works in this series and seeing athlete Anthony Romulus becoming a werewolf for hire at the hands of the nasty scientist Milo (from Cat Scratch Fever) wasn't that particularly shocking but unlike some transformations, Romulus didn't end up getting the cure he desperately needed, which added a rather tragic twist to something of a cautionary tale as well for good measure. 7/10

Episode 37: Terror In The Sky

A follow up for the episode, On Leather Wings as it appeared initially that Kirk Langstrom decided to go back and become ManBat with both Batman and Francine doubting his protests of innocence. The reveal that it was actually Francine who inadvertently became infected and the creature, due to her father reckless actions was a solid twist and the imagery in the last ten minutes with a plane certainly added to the episode. It's not as good as the first episode but it's definitely an original follow up and that's what counts. 7/10

Episode 38: Christmas With The Joker

Another gem of an episode for The Joker, though I wish we had seen Harley in this one. It would take the Joker to host the Christmas show from hell with Gordon, Bullock and Summer Gleeson as hostages while Batman and Robin had to get through the city of traps in order to save the day. Everything about this episode is just wonderful to watch - the Joker's escape from Arkham while putting an interesting slant on Jingle Bells, Robin trying to get Batman into watching It's A Wonderful Life while the confrontation the Dynamic Duo had with the Clown Prince was also great fun. Overall an episode that is impossible not to love. 9/10

Episodes 39 & 40: Heart Of Steel

I have to be honest - out of all the two parters this series produced, this was the only one that didn't really feel like it merited being one. It's not a bad story as such. In general it deserves points for the foreshadowing of Barbara Gordon's future as Batgirl and HARDAC is a decent enough antagonist but it's not as engaging as a story that spanned over two episodes. There are some nice moments with things such as briefcases and bins being used as robots but overall, not a favourite of mine. 5/10

Next blog I'll be focusing on If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?, Joker's Wild, His Silicon Soul, Off Balance and What Is Reality?

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