Friday, July 04, 2014

My Review of True Blood's 7x02: "I Found You"

Written by Kate Barnow
Directed by Howard Deutch

Sookie (to everyone): “There’s no-one left.”

It took me longer than usual to watch this episode and upon seeing it, a part of me wished that I almost hadn’t bothered. We’re now two episodes into the show’s final season and instead of a sense of dread and urgency, I find myself feeling more apathetic and frustrated by the latest goings on in the show.

Sookie, Alcide, Jason, Sam and Andy went back to the body of Mary Beth Grant (the dead girl the former found in last week’s episode) before heading into the town of Saint Alice to realise that they too were overrun with sick vampires and mass graves as well. This should’ve been interesting but instead it felt rather plodding to watch.

Even Mary Beth’s storyline itself felt like a direct parallel to Sookie’s and Alcide seemed a little too keen to dismiss the idea as Sookie tried to talk about it later in the journey back home. I really feel that Alcide might be getting the short end of the straw here as Sookie seemed to be reaching out to Bill the second his back was turned.

As for Sam, seeing the empty cot of a baby reminded him that Nicole was in danger while Andy more preoccupied with the idea of getting Holly back to propose to her while Jason mainly did some detective work and kept to the background. In fact the only thing of significance that concerned Jason was the opening sequence.

Speaking of which – I get why Jason had that steamy sex dream about Eric, due to having ingested the latter’s blood last season but while the scene was a little hot, it also came across as a bit flat too and seemed to serve no real purpose at all. Perhaps it was the show’s attempts to appeal to certain fans but for some reason while it was the highlight of an otherwise uninvolving episode, it still didn’t quite hit the mark either though.

As for the rest of the episode – I might not be Arlene’s biggest fan but I will give her points for at least trying to come up with a plan to escape. Her coaxing of former teacher Betty nearly worked until the latter exploded into goo. Arlene might not always be the brightest spark but she deserves points for at least trying to come up with a solution to her current captivity, which is more than be said about the rest of the people being held prisoner in Fangtasia’s basement.

Keeping with the residents of Bon Temps for a bit though – it didn’t take a great deal for Vince to manipulate them into acting like savages. All he had to do was play on their paranoia and bad mouth Sam a bit and they immediately forget themselves and raiding the police station to arm themselves. It’s a shame that Kenya ended up going with the angry crowd but at least Adylin and Wade were trying to actually do some good before turned on by the locals.

Last but not least – Eric’s got Hep V and to be honest, if he’s refusing blood now, there’s a very good chance that he could be on the way out as well. This show didn’t hold back last week in killing Tara off (crappy as her death), so Eric’s chances of making it out of the series alive aren’t that good either. On the plus side, at least Pam actually found him at the end of the episode, so she might have a chance of talking some sense into him.

Also in “I Found You”

Anyone else think maybe it would’ve made more sense if that opening scene had been done in the previous two seasons with Jason and another vampire as such?

Eric: “You found me.”
Jason: “You didn’t make it easy.”
Eric: “I know I didn’t.”

Lettie Mae deliberately injured herself/manipulated Willa into giving her more blood so she could have a creepy cross/snake vision of Tara? Are we just gonna keep seeing Tara like this for the remainder of the season now?

Arlene (to everyone): “You gotta believe me when I tell you I did not survive four lousy husbands, a serial killer boyfriend and the sordid suicide of my love Terry to die in the dingy basement of a fucking vampire bar. I am getting out of here, do you hear me?”

Lettie Mae (re Tara): “She needs me.”
Lafayette: “She don’t need nobody, auntie, she’s dead. She’s gone and she’d want you to let go and not go down this path again.”

Adylin outed herself as a fairy in this episode when she attacked Luke with her fairy light. Also, what are those marks on Jessica’s arms?

Betty: “I’m so fucking scared. I don’t want to die like this.”
Arlene: “I know. It’s okay, sugar. I would hug you but I can’t.”

Alcide (re diary): “Stop.”
Sookie: “The rest is blank anyway.”

Standout music: “I Found You” by Alabama Shakes.

Eric (to Pam): “You’ve found me.”

Chronology: From where “Jesus Gonna Be Here” sort of picked up, also it’s June 2011 and we had some flashbacks from “Escape From Dragon House”.

Much as I want to love this final season, “I Found You” was a pretty drab affair of an episode and I’m worried that if this show doesn’t pick up a gear in the next few weeks, this final season will be something of a letdown. We’re also in need of a visible big bad as well and Vince simply doesn’t cut it there.

Rating: 6 out of 10

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