Friday, July 11, 2014

Batman: The Animated Series - Episodes 31-35 Reviews

My seventh blog and probably one where I really did watch a slew of impressive episodes, including possibly my favourite of the 85 along with another episode that featured my favourite cameo appearance as well.

Episode 31: Dreams In Darkness

And he strikes again. The Scarecrow continues to have luck with sublime appearances and his third appearance might have been his best one yet. With a plotline that would later resurface in Batman Begins, it was interesting to see Batman become committed to Arkham Asylum and the cameo appearances from certain rogues (Joker, Poison Ivy, Penguin, Two Face) were effectively used but what I found rather delicious was seeing the Scarecrow become a victim of his own toxins. An excellent episode aided by some lovely moody narration too. 9/10.

Episode 32: Beware The Gray Ghost

They say you should never meet your heroes but when they're a fictional character called the Gray Ghost and they're voiced by Adam West, you really do want to meet them, right? I liked the idea of Bruce Wayne having a childhood hero and I really loved having both Batman and Gray Ghost's actor, Simon Trent teaming up together to try and stop a mad bomber and also restoring some faith into Trent as well. A wonderful episode, especially for those who have their heroes. 10/10

Episode 33: Cat Scratch Fever

This is an odd one. This episode obviously came before Tyger, Tyger in terms of Selina's chronology as it's a direct continuation of The Cat And The Claw but yet it aired after it. It's an interesting episode though with Selina donning her Catwoman costume to try and find Isis and also stop Daggett's company from using stray animals from releasing a virus in the city. Well, that was until she became infected and it was Batman who swooped into save the day. There's some great moments with Batman/Catwoman and likewise Bruce/Selina as well and the end scene with a safely cured Isis returned to her owner was a lovely way of ending the episode. 8/10

Episode 34: I Am The Night

Another interesting episode with Gordon being hospitalised by a local thug hellbent on revenge and Batman somewhat losing his confidence as the anniversary of the Waynes murder also got touched on. The Jazzman wasn't one of the best original antagonists we've had but I did like Batman eventually regaining his confidence to take him out and the appearances from Dick and Barbara (pre Batgirl) were enjoyable enough. The final image of the episode was also particularly striking. 8/10

Episode 35: Almost Got 'Im

Without a doubt, my favourite episode from the series. The idea behind this one was simple but genius with Poison Ivy, Two Face, the Penguin and the Joker all sitting down in some random nightclub and musing over their various tales where they almost got Batman, not realising he was there disguised as Killer Croc. I love that the stories are actually new ones, instead of just using clips from previous episodes and the banter between the four of them was absolutely delightful to watch. The twist with Harley Quinn about to make Catwoman into cat food was handled well and the final scene with Batman/Catwoman was a nice moment for the shippers too. Easily an episode I could rewatch over and over again. 10/10

Next blog I will focus on Moon Of The Wolf, Terror In The Sky, Christmas With The Joker and Heart Of Steel.


Anonymous said...

The reading of the phone book cracks me up.

shawnlunn2002 said...

Oh I love that scene but that whole episode in general is just sublime.

Oh and Gotham airs Mondays 8pm on FOX from September 22nd as well.