Monday, July 21, 2014

Gotham - FOX Summer TCA Spoilers

It's the most hotly anticipated new series and with it's debut still another two months to, FOX have continued to push the boat out for upcoming prequel series, Gotham with the cast and crew appearing at a panel for the Television Critics Association during the weekend and some interesting spoilers were revealed.

Executive producer, Bruno Heller had a lot of interesting things to tell audiences about the upcoming series. These included ...

- We will not be seeing Batman any time soon but considering where this show is set in Bruce Wayne's life that's hardly a surprise.
- The show will play around with the possibility of the Joker being there, but don't expect it every week though.
- Ivy Pepper will be seen as a nice, relatively undamaged young girl whose father has died and whose mother is sick. Ivy herself will also be heading to an orphanage prior to being adopted and perhaps having her name changed.
- Oswald Cobblepot will have a 'titanic struggle' with boss, Fish Mooney as the first season will focus on his rise to power.
- The show also promises not to break any canonical iron truths, which should be a good thing but at the same time, expect changes to certain aspects of storylines at times.
- Robin Lord Taylor talked about watching Batman Returns 500 times (awesome) and Camren Bicondova mentioned that Selina doesn't know she's going to become Catwoman, only that she likes cats.

- Getting back to Oswald, it seems that he will be full fledged but other Rogue Gallery members (presumably Selina, Edward and Ivy) will be slower to emerge.
- Jada Pinkett Smith took on the role of Fish Mooney as it was a challenge and she finds female villains interesting and a challenge. Fish will also have history with Donal Logue's Detective Harvey Bullock as well.
- There will be elements of 'hope and struggle' with Gordon's attempts to clean up the streets of Gotham throughout the series. Gordon will also be seen as a 'moral lynchpin' as well in the series.
- Expect a timeless feel to the city of Gotham in the series. Basically, something similar to what Batman: The Animated Series did with the city.
- While not every villain will be appearing at once, it has been confirmed that Harvey Dent (who'll be Gordon's age) and Hugo Strange could be showing up sooner than expected, especially as the latter will be connected to Arkham Asylum's creation.
Gotham is focused on the decline of the city. The show needs to get to the point of despair that Batman becomes needed.

Meanwhile a new trailer has been released focusing on The Good. The Evil. The Beginning tagline, which I'm linking below and if you pay close attention to the trailer, a certain villain is nicely hinted too, in a brief moment.

The Good The Evil The Beginning Trailer:
TCA Spoilers:

Gotham airs Mondays 8pm on FOX from September 22nd. A UK broadcaster has not been confirmed yet.

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