Wednesday, July 09, 2014

My Review of True Blood's 7x03: "Fire In The Hole"

Written by Brian Buckner
Directed by Lee Rose

Bill (re Alcide): “Do you love him?”
Sookie: “That’s none of your business, William Compton.”

Sadly the answer to that question turned out to be that Sookie did love Alcide but not as much as he loves her. Unfortunately that wasn’t the only thing that was bad as Alcide became next prominent character to bite the bullet by getting shot in the woods.

Unlike Tara, while Alcide’s death was rushed at the end of the episode, it did feel a touch better handled and Sookie was smart enough to decline Jessica’s offer into making him into a hybrid. It’s a shame we had to lose Alcide as a character in an episode that seemed to be further pushing a Sookie/Bill reunion but at least this was an episode where some interesting stuff was finally happening.

I like that Sookie was attempting to lure some Hep V vampires so she could rescue her friends and I even liked that the writers remembered that Holly was a witch and tried to get her to use magic before she ended up being used as bait by the infected vampires but the sooner this plot is resolved, the better as far as I’m concerned. We’ve not got that many episodes left and I’m already losing interest in watching the infected vampires.

Keeping with the infected vampires, Eric seemed to be mostly throwing himself a pity party over his current circumstances while we got some flashbacks to an ill fated relationship he had with a human named Sylvie in 1982 France. Sylvie also ended up being killed by a group of Japanese assassins for good measure when Eric was forced to pick between her and Pam.

I didn’t mind the Sylvie plot so much and it’s not unbelievable that Eric loved a human girl from nearly thirty years but his wallowing did get a bit tedious at times during the episode as well. Luckily the thought of killing Sarah Newlin was enough to actually spur him into action. Now if only Pam had displayed that ace a lot earlier in the episode.

Speaking of Sarah – five months have been kind to her. She dyed her hair brunette, moved to LA, adopted the name of Noomi, took up yoga and also started shagging her instructor. However, the same Japanese assassins that bumped off Sylvie also want to kill her and her yoga instructor ended up dying to protect her whereabouts. Basically, while it’s nice to see the volatile former blonde back, it does look like she’s going to be on some borrowed time, doesn’t it?

As for the rest of the episode – I’m not sure about the connection with Lafayette and James. On one hand, it’s rather nice and the scenes with them tripping out certainly have their moments but it also feels a bit rushed too, relationship wise. Then again, seeing as both James and Jessica are drifting apart, I can see that Lafayette won’t have to wait too long to get further acquainted with the sensitive vampire.

Also in “Fire In The Hole”

Along with Alcide’s death – his shooter Lou was killed off, along with Maxine (heart ripped out by Violet) and Matt (shot with wooden bullets by Vince).

Pam: “St Fucking Petersburg, Eric? You know how I fucking hate the Russian people.”
Eric: “I didn’t know you were gonna come looking for me.”

Pam confirmed that Tara was dead, Nan appeared in flashbacks, Sam got replaced for Mayor with Vince and despite his compassion, Reverend Daniels kicked Willa out of the house to keep Lettie Mae on the straight and narrow.

Nan: “With Tru Blood, mainstreaming is going to become a reality.”
Eric: “And everyone lived bored and suicidal ever after.”

Sookie (to Bill): “I have a boyfriend.”

Adylin and Wade reconnected in this episode, Violet made her dislike of Jessica and Jason being a modern man known and we got a flashback in 1862 where Bill’s family were photographed by Julian Fortenberry.

Jessica: “I didn’t realise we still had a problem.”
Violet: “It’s Pollyanna shit like that that makes me hate you.”

Sookie (to Bill): “I’m sick of waiting. Come on, y’all. I taste like sunshine and flowers and I’m right fucking here.”

What did Maxine shoot Jessica with and why can’t the latter heal herself? Has Jessica become infected too?

Willa: “Who’s gonna protect you?”
Reverend Daniels: “God will, darling. Just like he always has.”
Willa: “Good luck.”

Standout music: “Fire In The Hole” by Sara Isakkson and Rebecca Tornqvist.

Eric: “I’ve lost my taste for oysters, Pam. You should go.”

Chronology: From where “I Found You” left off.

Finally, a genuinely decent episode with some great moments. “Fire In The Hole” definitely brought some improvement to the show with some genuinely shocking moments but I can’t help feeling that more tertiary characters should be getting killed off before any further big players though.

Rating: 8 out of 10

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