Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Sherlock - Special & Series 4 Confirmed

It's been six months since the third series of Sherlock wrapped up on BBC1 with that cryptic 'Did you miss me?' from Moriarty and now we've got more on the way. Well, kind of ...

It seems that we will be getting a special episode first, which will begin filming in January 2015, followed by a fourth series, also due to be filmed next year. It was only last week that actor Martin Freeman let slip that a special was coming next year and now we have proper confirmation and I think it's a near safe bet that the special will be for Christmas while Series 4 will more than likely air in early 2016.

While the press release didn't reveal anything too spoilery (so we're still in the dark as to whether or not we'll actually be seeing Andrew Scott as Moriarty again), it did go on to explain that what would happen next for Sherlock and Watson would be something unexpected though. Either way, while it's nice to have some news about the next series, it doesn't alter the fact that we still have a long on our hands to go.

Press Release:

The Sherlock special and Series 4 begin filming in 2015. Series 1-3 are currently available on DVD.

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