Monday, July 14, 2014

Doctor Who - Series 8 Trailer/Bigger Leaks Warning

It has certainly been something of a disastrous week for the BBC, hasn't it? First the scripts for the first five episodes of Series 8 of Doctor Who leaked online and now it seems that rough cut/black and white versions of the episodes have also made it onto the internet. I'm not going to reveal where these are as I plan to wait until next month to start watching the episodes properly when the eighth series airs on BBC1.

Meanwhile as a result of these leaks, the BBC have finally released a minute long trailer for the upcoming series and it certainly looks like it's going to be a stonker. Some highlights ...

Tell me, am I good man? I ... don't know - there's some rather nice quotes from Peter Capaldi's Doctor in the trailer but the one where he questions Clara on whether or not he's a good man certainly stood the most. He's certainly not a Doctor who will suffer fools gladly and he does behave a little shocking in debut story, Deep Breath but at the same time, Capaldi definitely feels like he's going to be one of the best versions of the Time Lord we've ever seen.

Danny Pink - so far we don't know a lot about his character. Except it's been revealed that he's a maths teacher (according to Samuel Anderson's Twitter account) but I can reveal that he actually debuts in the second episode, Into The Dalek while the fourth episode, Listen delves a bit more into the character and his budding relationship with Clara. Without revealing anymore, the only other thing I'll reveal about Danny is that he's tonally different to Rory, but seemingly as effective/interesting in his own right though.

So far the Paternoster Gang will only be seen in the opening story for Capaldi's Doctor but fans can also check them out in the current DWM comic strip, The Crystal Throne and upcoming book, Silhouette due in September. For the first episode, they're mainly support for the Twelfth Doctor and Clara, with Vastra (Neve McIntosh) wisely offering some advice to the latter struggling with the former's new face.

And they're back - yes, the Daleks are back in the second episode, Into The Dalek and it's one that attempts to offer a slightly different perspective on the pepperpot menaces as Capaldi's Doctor encounters them early into his debut series. Other baddies seen in the trailer include a robot with piercing blue eyes, a bug eyed monster, an actual T-Rex in Victorian London, as well as a man with half a face and a flame thrower for a hand. Not to mention a certain someone will make an appearance earlier than expected but either way, it does seem like Peter Capaldi has a good selection of monsters to deal with in the upcoming series.

Meanwhile Sanjeev Bhaskar, best known for his roles in Goodness Gracious Me will also appear in the upcoming eighth series finale as well. However the role that he's playing has not yet been leaked (sorry but I kind of had to there) but it might be a tiny appearance. The finale will also see Michelle Gomez's Gatekeeper, now called Missy appear as well as appearances from Samuel Anderson (Danny), Jemma Redgrave (Kate Stewart) and Ingrid Oliver (Osgood) and the Cybermen.

Series 8 Trailer:
Sanjeev Bhaskar Casting:

Doctor Who - Series 8 will air on BBC1/BBCAmerica from August 23rd.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic trailer!

shawnlunn2002 said...

Yes, it was brilliant. Can't wait for Series 8 now.