Saturday, July 19, 2014

Constantine/Daredevil/The Flash - Casting Bits/Spoilers

Well, it's certainly an interesting time for shows about superheroes nowadays, isn't it? If it isn't Gotham releasing a new trailer/behind the scenes clip on a nicely regular basis or more details about the upcoming Heroes: Reborn, then these three other upcoming series have unleashed newsworthy items.

Constantine has yet to make the airwaves and already the series has seen the departure of leading actress, Lucy Griffiths from the show. The UK actress, best known for her roles in both Robin Hood and True Blood has departed the series. However it now seems that the female lead will be Angelica Celaya, cast in the role of Zed. It has also been confirmed that the character of Constantine will not be a smoker on the series or that his bisexuality (explored in the comics briefly) will be a major part of the series. Considering that David S. Goyer previously annoyed viewers by pulling a similar thing with DaVinci's Demons, it seems he's not learned his lesson there.

Elsewhere with the end in sight for True Blood, it seems that Deborah Ann Woll herself has bagged her first post Bon Temps project by signing up for Netflix's Daredevil. Woll has been cast in the role as love interest, Karen Page while Peter Shinkoda will play Hachiro for the 13 part show, which has now begun filming. I have to admit the casting for the particular show has gotten more and more exciting but it'll be interesting to see if the series allows Woll to explore the darker aspects of Page as a character too.

Meanwhile over to the CW and it seems that both Arrow and The Flash will have plenty to excite viewers over the next few months. Brandon Routh (from Superman Returns) has been cast as Ray Palmer/The Atom for parent series Arrow while Stephen Amell's cousin, Robbie Amell (The Tomorrow People) will be heading to Central City in the role of Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm, the fiance of Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) while William Sadler has been cast in the role of Simon Stagg.

Keeping with the great casting, Prison Break's Wentworth Miller will also be appearing in The Flash. The actor will be taking on the character of Captain Cold and will appear in the fourth episode. The same episode will also see Emily Bett Rickards Felicity Smoak also appear in the series and a two hour crossover event with parent series, Arrow will happen during the eighth episode of both shows and it seems that a bigger event one will happen later in the TV season for both shows.

Constantine Spoilers:
The Flash:

The Flash airs Tuesdays 8pm from October 7th, Constantine airs Fridays 10pm on NBC from October 24th and Daredevil will premiere on Netflix in 2015.

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