Sunday, December 12, 2010

And The Winner Is

Well, it's Matt Cardle of course. Yup the seventh series of The X Factor has finally come to an end and the winner is an okay choice with me.

I've not been the biggest fan of Matt but one reason why I'm not overly sad that Rebecca didn't win (whilst my sister swore at the TV) is because she's guaranteed a recording contract nonethless and a part of me is happy for Dannii Minogue as well, who was the only judge this year to actually work well with all her contestants instead of picking favourites. However here's hoping that Matt is a bigger success for Dannii than Leon Jackson ended up being.

As for the choice of winner songs - I have to admit that for once this show was actually inventive. No embarrassing teeny-bopper records or a classic track that's been covered to death. Rebecca delivered a beauitful version of Duffy's Distant Dreamer and Matt's take on Biffy Clyro's When We Collide was pretty decent as well. I might not even complain if he gets the number one spot this Christmas. I'll do further comments on the last two episode in my TV blog later in the week for now, congrats to Matt and I'm linking both songs for you to listen to again.
When We Collide:

And next year, it'll be me winning the bloody thing. You mark my words.

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