Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Torchwood - Season 4 Major Castings

You wait ages for something in relation to Torchwood and then two whoppers land on your doorstep at once.

ER and Lie To Me's Mekhi Phifer has been cast in the role of CIA agent, Rex Matheson and while he's a fine actor and all, I was actually expecting someone slightly younger for the role for some reason. Still, it'll be interesting to see Rex stands alongside Jack, Gwen and Rhys as filming for The New World begins in January.

Elsewhere Independence Day/Sleepless In Seattle's Bill Pullman has snagged the role of murderer Oswald Jones who manages to become a media sensation after breaking out of prison whilst getting involved in events. Pullman's casting is definitely a big coup for the series and I guess it won't be too long before Esther's casting is announced. So, what does everyone think of our guys?


Guada GN said...

I like Mekhi Phifer way better than Chad M Murray, so Im cool with him.
And Bill Pullman!? That´s... weird, dude. I mean, I like Bill Pullman, always did. But as the archivillain? I don´t know. I mean, he´s a fine actor, I´m sure he can pull it off like that, but... I`m not sure I want to see him as the bad guy, you know?

shawnlunn2002 said...

I'm not big on Phifer but I'll give him a chance. Kinda would've preffered Victor from Dollhouse to be honest.

Very intrigued by Pullman's casting though.