Monday, December 13, 2010

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl - Season 1 Review

I said a while back ago that I would do a review for each season of this hit ITV2 series starring Billie Piper and I wasn't lying. When I first heard about this show, I was intrigued and I certainly knew it would be something I'd want to watch but regardless of the subject matter, it's a damn well enjoyable series. So, here are some thoughts on each episode ....

Episode 1: The opening episode and a rather modest one at that too. It's established within minutes that Hannah is moonlighting as a prostitute named Belle and that she very much enjoys her line of work, even if she's not so keen to tell her family and friends about said work. Her relationship with Ben is arguably the most prominent point of the first episode and the variety of clients - one who wants experiment with farmyard fantasies and the other who wants the girlfriend experience certainly keeps the series afloat.

Episode 2: Tricky second episode but it kind of shows that while Belle might all for fulfilling fantasies, she's also a slave to wanting some fulfilled as well. The banter she has with the author she's pursuing in this one is a lot of fun and it's first episode to also introduce the sex party scene as well.

Episode 3: Not my favourite episode but an amusing one as Belle certainly has affection for certain clients - particularly, Ash, who was her first one and the one that seems to treat her the best. Doesn't stop her from bagging another client in the same hotel room while he's fast asleep though.

Episode 4: Otherwise known as the one where Belle takes on the reluctant role as madam for a very eager client. Belle might be equipped in a lot of areas but clearly this episode to prove that in spite of her confidence, there are things that even test her comfort zone to a certain degree. The Ben plot isn't as good because the character of Vanessa is someone that we never get to meet, so why should we care?

Episode 5: I loved this one. Okay, so Belle ended up losing her fave client to Naomi but up until then, it was nice to see Belle actually have some matey banter with another female character and I bet certain male viewers weren't opposed to see her and Naomi engage in some tonsil hockey in preparation for their night with Ash.

Episode 6: Two words: Matt Smith. Other stuff happened in this episode as well but seeing Doctor Eleven getting down and dirty with Belle was definitely talked about last year and it gave the Doctor/Rose shippers something to cling to. On the plus side, it was interesting to see Belle to take a day off work even if she couldn't quite hack it.

Episode 7: Possibly my fave episode from the first season. While it might not have been advisable for Ben to offer his service to Belle in order to satisfy a married couple, it was definitely to see the two of them connecting a little better in this one though.

Episode 8: Belle as a courtesan? Well, she did come close in this episode but apparently being literally a paid mistress to a man who barely acknowledges you isn't as tempting as it sounds. Still, the set back did give Belle some needed incentive to branch out on her own and get away from boss lady Stephanie for a bit. Nice finale, but a big finale.

As a first series went, Secret Diary Of A Call Girl certainly had moments to make you blush but in terms of sexual content, it's nowhere near as salacious as you would expect. It also helps that Belle's an engaging and sympathetic main character as well. Definitely recommended.

Rating: 8 out of 10.

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