Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Being Human US - Character Profiles

It's only a month until both versions of Being Human are on our screen and SyFy have released some promo pictures and character description as well ...

Aidan has worked as a nurse in a hospital in Boston for the past several years. He likes working in a job where he can hopefully do some good and help people. He also finds comfort in laying people to rest, in helping them find the peace in death that he will never know.

Josh's bright future was hijacked when he was turned into a werewolf and forced to abandon his family and the life he once knew with no explanation. He established a lonely existence on the fringes of society, escaping to the woods each full moon for his excruciating transformation into a werewolf. Then he met Aidan, whose friendship allowed the funny, neurotic, loyal Josh to re-emerge—and with it, the prospect of a normal life. With Aidan's help, Josh secured a job as an orderly in the hospital. Though nothing close to the future he had in med school, Josh takes solace that at least he's working in the medical profession.

Growing up, Sally was often forced to be tough and, as a result, she was a young woman who didn't take a lot of flack. She thought of working at the UN, or at the very least going to grad school. While in college, she fell in love with Danny and they became engaged right after graduation. Sally and Danny moved into the townhouse now occupied by Josh, Aidan (and the ghost, Sally). In life Sally was vivacious, smart, funny and driven. In death she is much the same, though her early demise finds her floundering for answers.


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