Thursday, December 16, 2010

Skins - Season 5 Cast Shot/Character Profiles

With little more than a month to go, E4 have finally given some details about the characters from the fifth series of Skins and apart from one of them, I'm not overly impressed. Let's see you've got you've got an androgynous girl named Franky, a ladies man in Nick and his girlfriend, Mini, a metalhead in Rich and the mysterious Matty to name but a few. The characters are Nick Levan (Sean Teale), Mini McGuiness (Freya Mavor), Rich Hardbeck (Alexander Arnold), Liv Malone (Laya Lewis), Aloysius 'Alo' Creevey (Will Merrick), Franky Fitzgerald (Dakota Blue Richards), Matty (Sebastian DeSouza) and Grace Violet (Jessica Sula). Thoughts anyone?

Cast Pictures:

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