Friday, December 17, 2010

My Review of Doctor Who's: "Meanwhile In The TARDIS Scene 2"

Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Euros Lyn

The Doctor: “That is not why you are here.”
Amy: “Then why am I here?”
The Doctor: “Because ... because I can’t see it any more.”
Amy: “See what?”
The Doctor: “I’m 907. After a while, you just can’t see it.”

Can I just say that I hope when Season 6 is released on DVD that there are more of these little gems to be had? The first one was excellent and this second one definitely hits a certain good spots as well.

First off all, there’s the cooling down of Amy’s thrusting sexuality for starters. If I hear one more person whinging about her trying it on with the Doctor in “Flesh And Stone”, I’ll lose the plot and while it takes a bit to get her to back off in this one, there are worse reasons to hate a television character. Similarly there are also worse reasons to be travelling with the Doctor.

After Amy teased him mercilessly about his prowess as a bloke (is the Doctor a typical bloke? I don’t bloody think so but Amy did raise some pointers), the moment where the Doctor told Amy that she was travelling with him because he couldn’t “see it” was perfect in a way because while it’s partially subterfuge for his real motives, it’s not entirely untrue.

Say what you want about Amy as a companion but after all the specials last year, just having a regular companion again has been a godsend for the series. It isn’t just about having a human influence to keep the Doctor in check; it’s also about having someone with him that he can show the wonders of the universe to as well. Never mind the companion for a minute – it’s the Doctor who gets to light up when he’s in a position of sharing something wonderful with a friend.

And that’s also the best part of this scene as well because not only does it end with the intent to add Rory in the mix but Steven Moffat dovetails a thorny issue by having Amy trick the Doctor into showing her visual records of most of the TARDIS inhabitants over the last forty seven years (“Miss out the metal dog, why don’t you?”). Amy, you might be in a long line of young things the Doctor’s travelled with, but you’ll definitely be one of the most remembered as well.

- This scene is set in between “Flesh And Stone” and “The Vampires Of Venice”, hence the Doctor and Amy’s attire.
- The last person to compare the Doctor to Gandalf was the Master from Season 3. Loved the Yoda allusion as well.
- “Involuntary snort of affection?” Oh, Doctor, Rory’s nose isn’t that bad. Also why didn’t we see any male companions during that visual?
- Euros Lyn has now directed for nearly every new series Doctor and companion, except for Rory of course. Here’s hoping that he gets a chance to do so soon.

A total gem of a second scene. Even if you don’t have Season 5 on DVD, find a means of watching this scene. You won’t regret it.

Rating: 8 out of 10.

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