Saturday, December 18, 2010

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl - Season 2 Review

And here I am onto the second season of the hit series and arguably my favourite one of the three that have aired so far, so without further ado, here are my thoughts ....

Episode 1: Brilliant opening episode. First off all, there's the double delight of junior call girl Bambi and then Callum Blue's rather delectable doctor, Alex and there's also Belle being the only call girl in Britain desperate to not reveal her story about sexing a political to a tabloid journalist. Add in some scenes where she's godparent to her sister's baby and this is one entertaining episode.

Episode 2: Belle goes on a date with Alex, which is brief and sweet while Bambi continued to make an impression on Belle. I can see how and where Bambi exasperates Belle but overall, it's just nice to see Belle have a female friend and Belle did have the girl's back in a way Stephanie certainly wouldn't.

Episode 3: Being confronted by the wife of a client - I'm actually surprised they didn't do this in the first season but it was interesting to see Belle and wifey square off without things escalating into a physical scrap as well.

Episode 4: I really do like Ben as a character and while he's underused in the first three episodes, I didn't like him being a dick to Alex in this one, even if he raised some good pointers. Also the threeway with Belle, Bambi and that club owner was interesting and uncomfortable to watch.

Episode 5: Probably the best episode from the series full stop. Alex found out in the worst way possible that Belle was a prostitute and it was hard not to feel for both characters. Plus, this episode used music from Counting Crows, so more points there.

Episode 6: The one where Belle nearly got raped by a fetish-ish client and Bambi came to her rescue. Though sleeping with Ben at the end of the episode wasn't her smartest of ideas, was it?

Episode 7: Decent episode but Belle and Alex get back together a little too quickly and given her clear contempt for ordinary work, there's a part of me feeling like I'm being manipulating into wanting Belle to resume her prostitute gig.

Episode 8: Terrific finale. The Belle/Alex break up is handled really nice, having her become a famous author at the end would've been a terrific way of ending the show full stop but for now, it just opens up new opportunities for the character.

Definitely an improvement on the first year with some great characterisation, interesting new players and too many enjoyable episodes.

Rating: 8 out of 10.

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