Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bedlam - Series 2 Preview

Gone are the likes of Theo James and Will Young and in are the likes of Lacey Turner and Jack Roth. Why, it can only be the second series of SkyLiving's supernatural drama, Bedlam of course. I have to admit, I found the first run far too repetitive for it's own good. Literally the same scenario cropped in six episodes with little in the way of variation. I hope that the second series of this show doesn't suffer from that level of formulaic.

Lacey Turner is the driving force behind the second run, playing an ambulance worker named Ellie Marx who can see dead people and with a supporting cast of Gemma Chan as Kiera, Jack Roth as Max and Nikesh Patel as Dan as well as well as Hugo Speer reprising his role as the slippery Warren Bettany, this does seem to be continuing some plot strands from the first run while taking the show in a new direction.

And this isn't the first supernatural thing we have to look forward to with Lacey Turner this year as she's currently filming an ITV2 show called Switch, which I'll be discussing in later weeks. The trailer alone though for Bedlam does seem to make the show look a lot better than it's first run.

Trailer/Cast Shots: http://www.cultbox.co.uk/news/galleries/3817-bedlam-first-look-series-2-cast-promo-photos

Series 2 of Bedlam airs Wednesdays at 10pm on SkyLiving from June 6th.

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