Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Review of Revenge's 1x22: "Reckoning"

Written by Mike Kelley And Mark B. Perry
Directed by Sanford Bookstaver

Emily (re Nolan): “He’s not the one you want, I am.”
White Haired Man: “And who are you?”
Emily: “Amanda Clarke. You murdered my father. You and I have unfinished business.”

Now, this is how to do a finale and before anyone moans about cliff hangers, the show is coming for a second run, so I think it’s allowed to end the season with setting up some plotlines that will be explored next season, don’t you?

First of all, I loved every bit of Emily’s confrontation with the White Haired Man in this episode. She let herself be kidnapped by him and then tricked him with where she hid the evidence against the Graysons before freeing Nolan and giving WHM one hell of a smackdown. Now there’s the Emily Thorne I know and love.

Although it might have seemed a little trite, I sort of get Emily’s reluctance to kill WHM as well. All of her actions have been driven by the need to avenge her father and at the last minute she stopped herself from becoming a killer by sparing him and taking her leave. Of course, the fact that WHM has now become a valuable character also helps matters.

Conrad warned Victoria not to board that plane with Lydia in order to hand over all of the evidence and needless to say, White Haired Man made sure the bloody thing crashed, therefore bollixing up Emily’s crafty plans yet again. Now the question is – is Victoria really a dead woman?

Somehow I doubt it. Lydia is definitely no longer with us but I wouldn’t be surprised if Victoria is rotting in a cell somewhere like Nolan had been for the first half of this episode. She’s too valuable a character to kill off and thanks to a conversation that Nolan managed to get from the hard drive he had the sense to back up, we definitely know there’s more to David Clarke’s death/frame up than the Graysons as well.

I’m intrigued by the idea of Kara Wilkins actually being alive, even if the moment did seem a little similar to the first season ender of Alias but at the same time, I’m also wondering where Kara has been all these years as well. Is she working for the Initiative (Buffy says hi by the way) along with WHM as well? Either way, both Emily and Nolan looked suitably shocked when uncovering that piece of information.

Speaking of shocks – did this show really just go there with Amanda returning with Jack’s baby? I can’t help but think the timing was more than a little suspect and that she’s either faking the pregnancy or the baby might be Takeda or someone else’s. Either way, it’s the roadblock I guess I should’ve seen coming when it came to Emily and Jack.

After all, if Emily had the sense to break things off with Daniel (thanks to Ashley and her blabbermouth), then clearly something else would’ve gotten in the way to make sure her and Jack didn’t get together for now. I’m glad Emily broke things off with Daniel in this episode. It’s just too bad that Daniel seems to be spiralling more and more and with Ashley around, it isn’t a good thing.

As for Charlotte and Declan in this episode – poor Jamie. Jamie did not deserve that malicious act of vengeance from Charlotte and while the latter might have needed Declan after hearing about the plane crash, I’m actually glad that Declan rejected her. I was pretty sympathetic with Charlotte for most of this season but the last few episodes she has been annoying and here she really excelled her. I also don’t believe for a second that she’s dead either, despite the fact that we saw her overdose in this one.

Also in “Reckoning”

Loved Emily at the start of the episode faking a break in after she stole the evidence of Daniel.

Emily (to WHM): “Actually he doesn’t concern me.”
Nolan: “Gee, don’t sugar coat it, Ems.”

From the way WHM was talking about Kara, they must have been working together. Emily should’ve questioned that when she had the axe to his throat.

Emily (to Nolan): “If I don’t make it out of this, tell Jack I love him.”

White Haired Man: “You and I have more in common than we realise. My employers are now planning to make the Graysons take the fall for Flight 197, not your father.”
Emily: “I’m not here because my father was framed. I’m here because of how he died.”

You don’t have to be a genius to tell that Ashley is going to try it on with Daniel pretty soon. It also looked like Conrad was trying to save Victoria whilst damning Lydia in some of their exchanges.

Emily (to WHM): “Look at me. I want to be the last thing you see before you die.”

Victoria: “Your father had David Clarke murdered.”
Daniel: “Well, he must have had a damn good reason.”

Jamie’s scandalous past was that she was sleeping with a former teacher. I’m surprised Charlotte didn’t plant drugs on Jamie while she was at it.

Nolan: “That just leaves Jack. What are you gonna tell him?”
Emily: “Everything.”

Victoria (to Emily): “You see even long before the engagement party, I knew your future with Daniel was as empty as that box. Now best of luck with your next endeavour.”

Victoria giving Emily an empty box as an engagement present was stylishly cold. I bet Emily is even gladder she called things off with Daniel now.

Emily: “Oh my God.”
Amanda: “I know, right? Jack and I are gonna have a baby.”
Emily: “Congratulations.”

Charlotte: “Is getting retribution ever made you feel better about yourself?”
Victoria: “Yes, when the other party deserved it.”
Charlotte: “And if they didn’t?”
Victoria: “Then you forgive yourself and move on. The quicker the better.”

Standout music: “Seven Devils” by Florence And The Machine. It’s one of my favourites as well.

Conrad: “If you board that plane, it could be the last thing you ever do.”
Victoria: “Then I guess I’ll see you in hell.”

Emily (re Victoria): “What is she saying? That they killed my mother too?”
Nolan: “No. What she’s saying is that your mother’s alive.”

Chronology: From where “Grief” left off.

Well, that was one hell of a rollercoaster ride but as a first season ender to an intensely brilliant, “Reckoning” may not have resolved a lot but it certainly succeeded in leaving me wanting more. An excellent end to a wonderful first year.

Rating: 10 out of 10

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sexta-feira said...

I just finished watching season 1 and I liked it although I think it could have done with fewer flashbacks and less time on Declan and Charlotte's relationship.
I was afraid that maybe they would kill off Jack so that Amanda/Emily would have anew reason to seek revenge for in season 2. Fortunately, this didn't happen but I cant say I hadn't seen the your-mother-is-alive storyline coming!
All in all a good show!