Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Where Are My Dragons?

And here's a look at some of the stuff I've been watching over the last two weeks.

Desperate Housewives: We're edging towards the finale and the last two episodes have been interesting enough, especially with the neighbours burying Mike and Susan trying to find her own way to grieve for him with MJ. I liked that Gaby managed to bag a personal shopper job without even trying (Christ, I wish it was that easy to bag employment nowadays) a heck of a lot more than Andrew being engaged to a woman, Bree looking like she's about to be sent down for murder and Lynette's ham-fisted attempts of getting Tom back. Not sure if I care about Ben and Renee's engagement either but enjoyable episodes nonetheless.

Games Of Thrones: This show is getting better and better at the moment. It's interesting that both Robb and Jon have been given love interests but Theon's treachery and Joffrey's realisation of how much he's despised as a ruler have provided better shocks to me. I was surprised the show went so graphic with a near rape attempt on Sansa though for once, the Hound really was the best person the poor girl could have in her corner. Cersei's warning to Tyrion about finding someone he loves doesn't bode well for Shae and Daenerys seems to be massively out of her depth with her new 'friends' as well. The only disappointment was that Renly was killed off too quickly and we haven't seen anything of Stannis and Melisandre in these two episodes.

Glee: Oh, sometimes I don't know with this show. If the Michael Jackson tribute episode this season was too late then surely the Whitney Houston one was too soon, right? And much as I love Blaine, that version of It's Not Right But It's Okay was criminally bad. Similarly, while I admire the show tackling the thorny issue of domestic violence with Beiste and Cooter, a bit more build up would've worked in that storyline's favour. On the plus side, I did enjoy seeing Whoopi Goldberg on this show and while Rachel may have blown her audition, it's pretty obvious that it's going to be a minor setback for her, isn't it?

Homeland: I absolutely loved these last two episodes. What an incredible series this has been and I can't wait to now see Prisoners Of War because of it. Carrie vs. Brody in the last episode alone was utterly brilliant and that ending was pure evil. With nearly 3 million viewers for the finale, Channel 4 really have finally bagged an American show that's done wonders for them and it's easy to see why. The writing has been sharp as a tack, the performances from both Claire Danes and Damien Lewis have consistently intrigued and the supporting characters have been wonderful to watch. I can't wait to see where this excellent series goes next.

Lip Service: And we get not one but two episodes where we lose three regulars. I'm not going to lie - I won't miss either Jay or Frankie but I am sad to see Cat leave the series in a body bag but them are the breaks sadly. Sam and Tess's grief was certainly affecting to watch and while Sadie is a mixture of headwrecking and amusing, I guess I can live with her expanded role in the series. Of course, Lexy right now is the best thing about this show while her gay best mate and Nora the actor luvvie cliche are not totally gripping me. I hope this show gets a third run but it's hard to tell if it will though.

Smash: I still have to catch up with the third episode but so far, I'm still pretty meh on this show. None of the characters are really that striking, except for Ivy and even she's a character that's been done better on other shows. The musical numbers are good though and at least they picked the right person to play Marilyn as well but the show is hardly appointment TV if I'm being honest. I'll stick with it for a bit longer though.

The Vampire Diaries: This show on the other hand continues to be appointment TV. Seriously, the last two episodes with the fabulous Sage (who wins points for actually pining over Finn rather than Damon) have been a blast to watch and this show managed to make me feel bad for Rebekah, despite her being a scheming little madam. I've also enjoyed the ongoing plot with Alaric becoming a crazed killer as well. I can't believe there's only five episodes for me to go. This season has been so much fun to watch.

- Lauren Socha will not be returning for the fourth series of Misfits. I'm not going to dwell into it but I'm sure people are aware of why she won't be returning by now.
- While the fifth series of Merlin is still currently being filmed, the chances of a sixth run are looking good. The producers are at least mapping storylines if they get one.
- Both Matt LeBlanc and Lisa Kudrow have ruled out a Friends reunion in the future. Thank goodness for that then.
- Matthew Lillard will be appearing in the upcoming fifth season of Leverage.
- James Cromwell will be playing a doctor named Arden in the second season of American Horror Story for a 10 episode arc.
- Channel 4 have confirmed they will air the second season of Homeland, though they haven't specified when exactly.
- The Borgias has been renewed for a third season from Showtime. SkyAtlantic will air the second season soon.
- SkyAtlantic have bagged the rights to HBO series Girls, which they will air in September.
- Both Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries have been renewed by the CW. Is anyone surprised?
- Mary Lynn Rajskub will be appearing in Grey's Anatomy as part of a couple with a mysterious illness.

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