Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lip Service - Season 2 Review

And with the second series of the BBC3 drama just completed it's run on the channel, I have a look back at what the last six weeks have been like for viewers of the show.

Episode 1: It's been a new beginning of sorts with the addition of Sadie as a regular and the arrival of Australian doctor, Lexy while Frankie and Cat continued their affair and Tess became involved in a production of Uncle Vanya with some interesting-ish co-stars.

Episode 2: The big episode with the big character death, having something of a massive ripple effect for all our main players as well. This was also the episode which kind of saw Cat finally make a decision where her heart truly belonged to and also saw the exit of Jay as well.

Episode 3: After nine episodes, Frankie headed back to New York and Sadie moved in with both Tess and Lexy when she wasn't starting an affair with magazine editor, Lauren. It's also the episode that would foreshadow that Lexy's friends with benefits thing with Bea would blow up in her face.

Episode 4: Ed's dating the obnoxious Nora, Lexy's getting creepy calls while wine tasting and helping Sam with her panic attacks, while Sam learned about Cat and Frankie, Sadie met Lauren's wife and there was an interesting moment with Sam and Lexy as well at the end of the episode.

Episode 5: Ed's book launch thing where he dumped Nora and the writers teased a triangle of sorts with Tess/Lexy/Sam while Sadie and Lauren's relationship seemed to deepen a little. Oh and there were more sarky comments from Declan and the resolution to the stalker storyline.

Episode 6: Despite Nora and Hugh's interferences, it was amazing to actually see Tess generate the applause she deserved during her performance in Uncle Vanya but too bad the episode teased a possibility with her and Lexy, only to go down the Lexy/Sam. Also, I was a little disappointed that Sadie went back to her old ways when Lauren dumped her.

Overall, a solid second series with some good new characters added in the mix but the finale could've been better and the distances between series probably didn't do it much favours. I suspect also moving it to a Friday timeslot didn't help either.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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