Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ringer Axed, Revenge Renewed

Well, there's no subtle way of putting it but after one season, it seems that the CW have decided to call time on the show, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar as twins Bridget Kelly and Siobhan Martin. I think I speak for enough people when I say I saw this coming. Ringer had a ropey start and coupled with a two month hiatus, decline in ratings and not fleshing out the rest of the characters aside from Bridget, this show unfortunately created it's own disaster. I just hope that the wonderful Miss Gellar gets another TV project that fares better for her.

Other shows that have been terminated as well include The Secret Circle, GCB and Awake to name a few. I tried the former show but haven't watched the other two, so none of these cancellations mean anything to me.

Elsewhere the similarly soapy antics of Revenge will resume as the show has been picked up for a second run and while the ratings have been hit and miss since the show's return last month, it seems that ABC were content enough to pick this up for a second season along with Happy Endings, Grey's Anatomy and Once Upon A Time as well.

I'm so pleased this show has been picked up. Apart from American Horror Story and Homeland, it's been the best new show on the block and hopefully during the summer, both Irish and UK viewers will clock onto that as well when RTE2 and E4 begin to air it.

Ringer Report:
Revenge Report:


sanchez said...

I am so excited that Revenge is up for a second season! It was one of my favorites on primetime TV. Ringer was an okay show so who cares. I would only be able to DVR them on my Hopper since they were on during the week. I work late at Dish so I would re-watch them when I would be off. Luckily I could watch it in half the time thanks to the Auto Hop feature. I can easily skip through commercials in primetime TV.

shawnlunn2002 said...

Revenge is wonderful. It's also finally airing in the UK on E4 next Monday as well, after I'll have seen the finale as well. Funny that.

sexta-feira said...

Hi! I just finished watching Ringer. I really enjoyedit and I 'm surprised to read that it wont be continued. I watched one episode after the other so I really wanted to see what was going to happen next. Also it seemed as if they didn't know that the show would get axed, I felt that the last episode needed more resolution.

Thanks for the reviews of each episode, I'll read some more now.
Have a happy Sunday!

shawnlunn2002 said...

You're welcome, re the reviews. If you haven't seen Revenge, you should give it a whirl. You might like it.

I wish Ringer had been better but at least we got to see SMG back on our screens for a bit.