Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Review of Revenge's 1x20: "Legacy"

Written by Dan Dworkin And Jay Beattie
Directed by Eric Laneuville

Amanda: “If you came to get your money back, you’re too late.”
Nolan: “I don’t want it back. I just want you to use it for something other than your own self-destruction.”
Amanda: “Destruction’s in my DNA. Take it up with Darwin.”

And for this review, I will strictly be referring to Emily as Amanda because apart from one scene that is exactly who she is to all and sundry in this episode. If this was meant to be a filler episode, at least it was one that served a purpose – back story.

Ever since the flashbacks in the first episode where Nolan informed Amanda that she had part of his company and her father was dead, we’ve been really needing of an episode where we saw her quest for vengeance take shape and this was a particularly great way of showing that.

Amanda’s scepticism about her father’s innocence for a while was interesting. Instead of avenging her father, she was too busy boozing it up and beating the crap out of a horrible boyfriend before Nolan implored on her to read her father’s journals and that’s where things began to get more interesting.

I loved that she pretty much returned to the Hamptons and interacted with so many people and yet, no-one actually recognised her. The fact that this was a time before using her Emily Thorne guise made it all the more interesting but at least she wasn’t entirely idle during her visit to her old stomping ground.

Nope, Amanda made sure to snag herself a waitressing gig at the Graysons for their New Year’s Eve and apart from Nolan, she actually bagged an ally in Roger Halsted who passed her a letter explaining more on the people who shafted but thanks to Frank’s underhanded methods it was the only thing he could do for her.

I liked that Roger’s death actually affected Amanda back then because it rammed home just how much the Graysons had destroyed her childhood and her steely determination to get her own back on them was certainly the best performance we’ve seen of Emily Van Camp in regards to the show.

Also from a flashback perspective, it was wonderful getting to see the likes of Bill Harmon, Tom Kingsley, Michelle Banks, Mason Treadwell and of course, Lydia Davis all in one room together, none of them the wiser that Amanda was working the place and would become their worst nightmare a few years down the line.

Not only that but this episode also had flashbacks within flashbacks as well. Victoria spent a good portion of the episode mulling over her first meeting with David and her inability to let go of his home until Conrad sold the place to Lydia and Mike while Amanda also fondly began to remember her childhood with her father as well.

Not only that but this episode had some interesting moments for Nolan too. When he wasn’t trying steer Amanda on the right path, he was also feeling guilty about Carl losing his home and getting his face punched in after being kissed by Jack’s girlfriend. More interesting though was Nolan’s fashion sense back then as well but once again, this was another good episode for affable billionaire.

As for the present day scene, Emily and Daniel headed off to a New Year’s Eve party that we didn’t get to actually see play out. Either way with that steely look in her eyes, Emily really is going to unleash all matter of hell in the final two episodes, isn’t she?

Also in “Legacy”

While it’s painfully obvious that Emily/Amanda’s hair looks like a wig, Jack’s really did look like one more so. Not a good look, Jack.

Amanda: “You fell asleep last year. I think you need a new tradition.”
David: “I did not fall asleep.”

Again to state an obvious point – how did anyone not recognise Amanda? She used her own name on the catering list as well if memory serves.

Frank (to Conrad): “Everyone’s a suspect, even you.”

Victoria: “Why do we have to do this?”
Conrad (re David): “Because you’re still in love with him.”

In flashbacks we saw Conrad’s affair with Lydia starting and Mason sent a blackmail letter to the Graysons though Frank believed it was Roger and killed him for it.

Roger: “And if I told you he was right, what would you do with that information?”
Amanda: “I would make sure that everybody knew about it. That these people would get what they deserved.”

Conrad (re Victoria/David): “It’s perverse, don’t you think? Destroy the man you love and then weep for him eternally?”
Lydia: “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t understand at least part of her motivation.”

I loved Nolan’s look in this episode and I guess I’m not the only given that Jack’s girlfriend Kai at the time decided to kiss him during the New Year’s Eve party. We also saw Amanda getting her Infinity tattoo as well.

Roger: “No-one should be forced to suffer my company. I’m surprised I was even invited. Must have been an oversight.”
Frank: “Oh no, we wanted you here.”

Victoria: “Shame the devil, you wrote that note.”
Mason: “I’m a writer, though this gruesome turn of events was certainly not my intention.”

Standout music: 50 Cent’s “In Da Club” during the club scenes with Amanda. It actually reminds me of a former job I had.

Nolan: “Amanda, more than knowing the truth, your father wanted you to get past all this.”
Amanda: “Then why did he give me those journals? One way or another, those people are gonna pay. They’re gonna pay for what they did.”

Chronology: Primarily December 2002 as well as some time in 1995 (or was it 1994?) and of course one scene in December 2011. This episode also didn’t feature Declan (except a younger version), Charlotte or Ashley.

“Legacy” definitely lived up to the hype as a flashback episode. I know there were times when it did feel intentionally filler like but given the back story it gave us for Amanda, I’m more than willing to let that slide.

Rating: 9 out of 10

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