Saturday, May 05, 2012

Doctor Who - Series 7 More Filming

And filming has begun for the fourth episode of Doctor Who's seventh series, rumoured to be titled Cubed (more likely a working title that will change) and penned by Chris Chibnall.

The Doctor is up in a tree trying to catch a black cube box and it seems to be something of a theme for the episode. They're also cubes that seem to be on a countdown as well. This episode will feature both Henry VIII played by Stephen Blything as well as Jemma Redgrave, playing one of his wives. It won't be the only feature of the episode though.

Last seen properly in Planet Of The Dead, UNIT are also returning for this episode and while a recent spoiler of Moffat's in DWM mentioned Martha, there's no indication that this episode in question will actually feature the former companion. Hopefully, a brief mention of Martha will pop in the episode. As for the UNIT, it seems they're raiding a house, looking for the cubes as well.

It looks like Mark Williams will also be making a second appearance this season as Rory's father, Brian. It seems that a theme with Amy and Rory is that they're not properly travelling with the Doctor anymore and every time he encounters them, they're a little older too. It's an interesting format.

Amy and Rory are looking out of a window. Must be an early morning for them. Other hints in the latest issue of DWM from Steven Moffat include every Dalek appearing in the opening episode with the Paradigm being seen as an officer class of Daleks. We're also going to find out about the question, the fall of the Eleventh and Trenzalore but not all at once. Some of this is obviously going to bleed into the 50th and/or Matt Smith's eventual departure from the show.

Elsewhere while Moffat has making some rather interesting comments in relation to the role of the companion on the series, he's also mentioned that Jenna-Louise Coleman's character is going to be different to others and will shock viewers. I can't wait to see if this is genuinely true on Moffat's part. Other than that, there will be an arc to Series 7 but not as tight as the one for the previous series and while there will be no two-parters, one could still appear if the story requires it. Moffat has also stated that filming will continue for the rest of 2012 as well as 2013.

This is shaping up rather nicely, isn't it?

Filming Pictures:

Doctor Who returns to BBC1 in late 2012.

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