Monday, May 28, 2012

The Play's The Thing

Actually, there's more shows I want to discuss in the next few days, so um, look forward to a blog dedicated to The Bridge and another on some of the comedies airing on UK TV at the moment. For now though, a look at the stuff I've been watching in the last week or so.

Desperate Housewives: Before anyone spoilers it, I already know how the series ends but with two episodes left to go, the build up has been entertaining to watch. Of course Bree would develop feelings for trip, considering that he's stepped into the role of her white knight but it's a fun enough pairing, so I don't mind. I do however mind that none of the housewives are making any actual effort to really help Bree though, instead turning on each or making plans (Susan offering to help raise her grandchild, Lynette's scheming to get Tom, Gabby being her usual self) but overall, looking forward to the last two episodes.

Game Of Thrones: This has certainly been a wordier season than the last one with not much in the way of actual action happening. Cersei seems to realise that she's created a monster in Joffrey and while one minute, she's being sympathetic with Sansa, the next she's threatening Tyrion (whose confession to Varys of enjoying the game is a little worrying). Even Daenerys herself seems to be in perpetual entitled mode rather than being the more assertive self I would like to see but I do find her scenes pretty interesting to watch. And then there's the events of Blackwater, which I will definitely be watching later on today.

Glee: Okay, the prom episode was fun and the finale had it's moments but ultimately was a pretty unsatisfying experience (why couldn't both Kurt/Rachel go to NYADA instead of one of them?), though Gloria Estafan as Santana's mother was worth it alone. It's the middle episodes that were more interesting - Tina's body swap dream was a good source of comedy and partial insight and it was about bloody time the kids actually won at Nationals for once. I really do hope the 'show within a show' concept mapped out for the fourth season does work in the show's favour though.

Hit & Miss: I talked about this a while ago on my blog and thankfully SkyAtlantic are generous with the repeats because it took their third airing for me to catch up with this show. Chloe Sevigny as transgendered assassin Mia is utterly brilliant and having Mia father a son named Ryan and look after the kid and his siblings now that their mother Wendy is dead is a workable touch to the series. I hope the premise can be sustained for the next five episodes but I think it will. Definitely a hit more than a miss. I know, terrible pun, don't shoot me.

Lip Service: I liked the finale but it could've been better, couldn't it? I didn't mind the fact that Sam finally admitted that she was losing it and I didn't mind that both her and Lexy did the deed but at the same time, I kind of wish they hadn't intensified Tess's feelings for Lexy in the process either. Still, at least Tess got to pull a brilliant performance on her opening night in spite of Hugh and Nora being massive hindrances and Sadie proved yet again that a leopard doesn't change it's spots when Lauren dumped as well. If this show comes back for a third run, I will be pleased but surprised, considering how bad the ratings have been.

The Vampire Diaries: Warning: I might have two episodes left to watch but I already know what's gonna happen in the finale but don't spoil it in the comments though. Alaric's fate just made me realise that people really do drop like flies on this show and while Esther has a similarly fanatical bent that her annoying son, Klaus (please, can we get rid of him, already?) has, I actually do prefer her, even if she is possessing the likes of Rebekah and Bonnie to carry out her own acts of genocide. As for the usual Stefan/Elena/Damon stuff, where's Katherine when you need her?

- Kate Hudson will be appearing in six episodes of Glee's fourth season as Rachel's mentor in New York. Sarah Jessica Parker will be in one episode as Kurt's.
- American Horror Story's second season will be set in the 1960s with Evan Peters character being the hero of the bunch and Chloe Sevigny playing an antagonist for Jessica Lange's character.
- A prequel series for Silence Of The Lambs called Clarice is in the works for Lifetime.
- Touch will get an online spin-off named Daybreak, starring Ryan McPartlin.
- Vanessa Ray will be playing a mentor of the late Allison in the new season of Pretty Little Liars.
- Jaime Cepero, Raza Jaffrey, Brian D'Arcy James and Will Chase will all not be returning for the second season of Smash.
- Mark Hudis has been named as Alan Ball's successor for True Blood if the show gets a sixth run.
- Seth Gabel will not be a regular for the final season of Fringe.

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