Friday, May 25, 2012

My Review of Doctor Who's: "Good As Gold"

Written by the Children of Ashdene School
Directed by Richard Senior

Olympic Torch Bearer: "Good as gold you are, Doctor. Bye."

With at least another three months before we get the first five episodes of Series 7, it's nice that a competition from a group of kids could give us something to go on. With the Olympics due for summer, how timely was it that both the Doctor and Amy would land in the middle of a running track?

Of course the torch bearer who would step into the TARDIS would also have to bring in a Weeping Angel intent on stealing the flame but the Angel disposed of and the torch bearer thanking both the Doctor and Amy, it it nicely resolved itself at the end. Well, until that last little moment that is.

Oh and coupled with the fact that this mini-adventure seemed to slightly retcon the widely unpopular Fear Her and we know that Matt Smith is going to do some real life torch bearing, the timing for this episode couldn't have been more perfect.

- This seems to be set after Amy's first encounter with the Weeping Angels and she's wearing the same outfit she did in The Doctor's Wife.
- Rory is both unseen and mentioned in this one sadly.
- Apparently all good time travellers have an adventure once a week.
- Liked the torch bearer giving the Doctor his medal, though he didn't need to.

A fun, diverting little episode. Good As Gold was certainly that alright and it's nice to see that these Script To Screen episodes can still be a good amount of fun. I hope the next one we get is with Jenna-Louise Coleman's character though.

Rating: 8 out of 10


Anonymous said...

This mini-adventure can't retcon the (undeservedly) unpopular "Fear Her", because it's clearly non-canon. Beyond the contradiction there, there's the fact the Weeping Angel trying to steal the flame is silly and the Doctor's life would be easier if he could blow up a Weeping Angel with a sonic screwdriver. This was just a fun three minutes.

shawnlunn2002 said...

I was jesting about the Fear Her bit to be honest.

You're right about it being a fun three minutes though.