Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Downton Abbey - Series 3 Spoiler

Remember a time on Downton Abbey when we saw a trace of Thomas being gay? Well, it looks like we're going to see more in the upcoming series of the popular ITV period drama.

Rob James Collier who plays the scheming footman (also scheming to get Bates's job this coming series) did ask producer Julian Fellowes about Thomas's homosexuality and it seems that Thomas might be falling for the new boy, Jimmy, played by  Ed Speleers as the two of them forge a connection later in the series.

According to Speleers, the storyline does also focus on Jimmy's manipulative side too as he realises that keeping in with Thomas will benefit him in the end. Still - it's a storyline for Thomas and not his only one as his relationship with O'Brien takes a further hurtle when her nephew, Alfred arrives to work at Downton and Thomas loses out on a job because of him. Also expect some antics with Jimmy, Thomas, Daisy, Ivy and Alfred as a quintangle of sorts develops in the new series.

Thomas Spoilers:
Series 3 Trailers:

Downton Abbey returns next month on ITV1.

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